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Q: How do you use triple in a senctence?
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How do you use preposition in a senctence?

You use a preposition in a prepositional phrase, such as "I will be with you in a minute."

How do you use disconcerted in a senctence?

her angry reply disconcerted me completly

How can you use i believe in a senctence?

I believe that I can run a mile in 7 min.

How do you use conceived in a senctence?

He concieved the project while he was away on vacation.

How do you use malicious in a senctence?

The man with the stoic look had malicious intent in his heart.

How do you use the word transmission in a senctence?

Wind power projects are undermined by transmission problems

How do you use cremated in a senctence?

He asked to be cremated when he died. His body was cremated and his ashes were buried.

How do you use the word cookout in a senctence?

He got the first prize so they had a cookout. This is a sentence using the word cookout.

How do you use introspection in a senctence?

After pausing a moment in introspection, the man with the stoic look, and the malicious heart, continued upon his way.

How would you use frivolous in a senctence?

What a frivolous question. Honestly: Many people think frivolous thoughts. "This is such a frivolous idea!"

Is a compound phrase the same as a compound senctence?


Can you give an example of a sentence using the word 'timeless'?

senctence with timeless