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Warriors are usually men that fight in wars.'Warrior' is a term mainly used in the medieval times.

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Q: How do you use warriors in a sentence?
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How warriors use warrior in a sentence?

I want that warrior on my team.

How do you use pyre as a sentence?

American Indians sometimes used a funeral pyre to burn dead warriors.

How do you use the word doggedness in a sentence?

The US Army had a hard time overcoming the doggedness of Chief Joseph's warriors.

How would you use holography in a sentence?

The holography museum featured a three-demensional image on the anciet Greece and Roman warriors.

How do you make a sentence withfought like warriors?

The ping pong team fought like warriors to win the tournament.

How do you write a sentence with the word warriors in it?

Henry V spoke to his warriors, encouraging the soldiers to fight well and defeat the enemy.

What sentence can you use the word rejoiced?

"The warriors rejoiced in their victory over their foes." Also, the bible often speaks of people rejoicing over something.

What kind acrostic poem sentence can you use for the letter G in a viking acrostic poem?

Glorious warriors sailing fearless seas.

What is an example of a sentence using hostility?

the warriors showed hostility to the neighbouring tribe.

How do we say the sentence 'India's great warriors ' in Hindi?

Bhaarath Ke Mahaan Yoddhao.

What level do warriors get to use plate in wow?

Warriors can upgrade from mail to plate armor at level 40.

Did samurai warriors use ninja stars?