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How do I vacuum an above ground doughboy pool?

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Q: How do you vacuum a doughboy above ground pool?
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What is the cost of a doughboy swimming pool?

16x32 above ground doughboy swimmimg pool.

Is it possible to put an above ground Doughboy pool in the ground?

Doughboy has recently come out with an 52" above ground pool that can be buried 46" and carries a full warranty. If you bury the pool more than 46 inches, the warranty is void. I purchased one and planned to have it buried but when the pool installer started digging he ran into a problem with rock. Now we are stuck with either covering up the hole and not having a pool or having it above ground. Not exactly what I wanted but it will make the hot summer days more bearable.

How do you vacuum a dough-boy pool?

Like any other above ground pool, maunally with a hose, pole and vacuum, or with an automatic cleaner.

Where can you find diagrams or helpful tips on installing a Doughboy 10x18 above ground pool and doing the plumbing yourself?

Hello: I did not know Doughboy was still selling pools, I thought they went out of business years ago. In any event, Use the same building process to build your Doughboy that would be used for any other above ground pool. Same is true for the plumbing. Doughboy still is the master of above-ground pools. You can download any instructions from their website they're not easy, but with a little help from your friends you can have one hell of a party with the money you saved.

What is the differenc between above and below ground swimming pool pumps?

Above ground pumps have to be gravity fed, and the in ground pumps pull a vacuum and draw the water to them.

How long can an above ground pool remain completely drained?

An above ground pool if it's a doughboy type cannot remained drained as the liner shrinks and requires a replacement as the sun and elements shrink it if it docent have a liner and is a super splash it can remained drained a little loge

What is the cost of a above ground pool?

The cost of an above ground pool is relative to what you want IN a pool and what you want with the pool...............Accessories.

How do you remove green algae from an above ground pool if you are not able to vacuum?

brush the pool down, shock it, and run the pump and filter 24/7

Is it ok you but an above ground pool on bump ground?

It is ok if you put an above ground pool on a bump.

Where can I buy some above ground pool liners?

I read a magazine that talked about above ground pool liners. Where can I get some above ground pool liners?

Can you use an above ground pool in Florida?

You can use an above ground pool nearly any where. ther are many above ground pool dealers in Fl.

What type of pump do you need to drain 24' dia x 4' deep above ground pool?

You could use your pool pump. or get a submersible pump. it is also not difficult to siphon an above ground pool with a pool vacuum hose. all you need is somewhere to run the water to.

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