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How do you view screenshots on world or Warcraft?

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Open the file in C:/World of Warcraft/Screenshots/ and you will find your pictures there to view at your pleasure.

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How do you view screenshots that you take in World of Warcraft?

The screenshot is automatically saved in a folder called "Screenshots" in your World of Warcraft folder. i.e for PC users: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots Windows Vista may store screenshots in alternate locations, such as: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots or C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Screenshots

How do you view screen shots that you take in World of Warcraft?

Screenshots taken ingame are stored in the Screenshots folder in your World of Warcraft program folder. They are viewable by most standard picture viewing programs.

World of warcraft- Where do your gameplay pictures that you take go?

Screenshots are put in the screenshots folder in your main wow folder.

How do you look at your World of Warcraft pictures?

Whenever you take a screen shot in game, it is saved to your screenshots folder in your world of warcraft main folder.

How do you view screenshots on Warcraft III?

RedLemon: You should try using Apple's Quicktime Player's Picture Viewer, that's what I always use.

How do you take a picture on World of Warcraft and put it as your wallpaper?

Take the photo in-game by pressing Print Screen ( or "PrtSc"). Then go into your World of Warcraft folder and there is a file called "screenshots". Open it and find your picture, then right click and click "set as backround".

Where can one view World of Warcraft movies?

There is a good selection of World of Warcraft movies on Youtube. Many gamers make their own movies to show their achievements and progress in the game.

What are the four advantages of the computer?

1. world of warcraft 2. world of warcraft 3. world of warcraft 4. world of warcraft

Where can one view the WOW server status?

Realm Pop shows the population statistics on the players' character in World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is one of the most popular video games today.

The whole story line of World of Warcraft from the beginning all the way to mists of pandaria?

The whole storyline of World of Warcraft would be too big to fit into an answer. Here is a timeline of the games and expansions. More info can be found at the related link below.Warcraft: Orcs and HumansWarcraft IIWarcraft II: Tides of DarknessWarcraft II: Beyond the Dark PortalWarcraft IIIWarcraft III: Reign of ChaosWarcraft III: The Frozen ThroneWorld of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft: Assault on Blackwing LairWorld of Warcraft: Rise of the Blood GodWorld of Warcraft: The Gates of Ahn'QirajWorld of Warcraft: Shadow of the NecropolisWorld of Warcraft: Burning CrusadeWorld of Warcraft: Black TempleWorld of Warcraft: The Gods of Zul'AmanWorld of Warcraft: Fury of the SunwellWorld of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich KingWorld of Warcraft: Secrets of UlduarWorld of Warcraft: Call of the CrusadeWorld of Warcraft: Fall of the Lich KingWorld of Warcraft: CataclysmWorld of Warcraft: Rise of the ZandalariWorld of Warcraft: Rage of the FirelandsWorld of Warcraft: Hour of TwilightWorld of Warcraft: Mists of PandariaThis if just the history from the games themselves. There are tons of books, comic books and other stuff that make up the history of Warcraft. Some are canon (officially supported and made into lore), some are not.

What was World of Warcrafts first name when it started?

Technically, the Warcraft series (Warcraft 1,2,3) are different from World of Warcraft. They are different play styles. The first name World of Warcraft used is World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is based of the Warcraft franchise, yes, but totally different.

How do you take screenshots on animal crossing wild world?

You can't take screenshots.

Is there violence in World of Warcraft?

there is voilence in World of warcraft

What is World of Warcraft the Frozen Throne?

There is no such thing as World of Warcraft: The Frozen Throne. It is called Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. World of Warcraft is much different.

Whats better RuneScape or World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft.

Where is world or Warcraft set?

World of Warcraft is set in Azeroth...

Can you swim in World of Warcraft?

yes, you can swim in world of warcraft

What would win Starcraft or World of Warcraft?

world of warcraft

When did World of Warcraft happen?

World of Warcraft happened in 2004.

Who is the person who made World of Warcraft?

There is no one person who made World of Warcraft. The team at Blizzard created the World of Warcraft.

Is World of Warcraft on steam?

No, World of Warcraft is not on Steam. If you want to download it, got the the official World of Warcraft site to download it.

Who is the director of the World of Warcraft movie?

More information about a director of the World of Warcraft movie can be found online at the World of Warcraft website. The website gives you information about the World of Warcraft movie.

How do you play muliplayer on World of Warcraft 3?

There is no world of warcraft 3. There is world of warcraft, and warcraft 3. Unless you want to refer to Cataclysm. If so then no, you'd fail.

Which came first warcraft 3 or world of warcraft?

Officially, Warcraft 3 (including the frozen throne expansion) came before World of Warcraft. You can check out the whole Warcraft timeline on the World of Warcraft website in the links section below.

What is better world of Kung Fu or World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft for sure