How do you walk on Poptropica?

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There is a arrow and you move the arrow and click.
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What is a walk?

Answer . 4 pitched balls that are not strikes. runner advances to first base. does not count as an at bat or a hit.

How do you 'Walk it out'?

Ok, well first you need to be inside, then you find the nearest exit, and walk outside.. when i personally hear the song i start to 'walk it out'

How do you walk?

You put one foot in front of the other, and soon you will be walking out the door. What you are actually doing is allowing your body to fall in one direction, so that you land on the other foot. Learning to walk can be hard for some and easy to others. To walkyou will have learn how to keep balance. ( Full Answer )

Why do we walk?

we walk because are bones support us in an upright way they. If we drink lots of milk they will grow stronger

How do you get on poptropica?

Go to the poptropica website Click "New Player" Click gender Click age (6-15) Select your character's name by clicking "Change Character" then "Change All" Select your character's skin color, hair, hair color, eyes, mouth, shirt, and pants. Put your mouse on the blimp and it will say "En ( Full Answer )

How do you get to Poptropica?

(Go to the website at ) To Get An Account First, you go to the Poptropica website ( and click on new player. Once you do that, on your screen it will say, Create your character: boy or girl. Choose whichever you want to be. Then it will say, How old are you? C ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of Poptropica?

To exit the game and save your current location/position in the game, go to the bottom right-hand corner and click on the button that says save and quit," and then click on I'm really done - please log me out.'' If you are not concerned about your position, or the game fails to respond, close you ( Full Answer )

Where is Poptropica?

The game site is at Poptropica isn't a real place in the world, and in fact has been shown to be on its very own planet.

What is Poptropica?

Poptropica is an online game where you create an avatar, a cartoon character you control. You interact with the various game characters on any of the separate games, or "islands". Solving the mystery on an island (completing its quests) wins a virtual "Island Medallion". As of June, 2010, there w ( Full Answer )

What do you do on Poptropica?

You can rescue islands, chat with other players, and play games. (Including multi-player games! ) --- Poptropica is a free online game site that plays games on the site's server. There is no requirement to provide any personal information. The site is open to players between the ages of 6 and ( Full Answer )

How do you Poptropica?

Go to the Poptropica website. Click "new member", and you can create and customize your Poptropican. When you select an island (Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth are the easiest), you can solve the quest there, or go to the Multiplayer rooms to play the games there, or click on your "item bag" (the l ( Full Answer )

What is Poptropica about?

It is a virtual world where you can do heaps of puzzles and complete islands.

What does walking to for you?

Walking sometimes clears the head, it's liberating too, it's also healthy. If you don't already walk then I recommend that you get some boots on and walk, go and look at the sunset.

Why is poptropica named poptropica?

Jeff Kinney and the creators of the concept came up with the name based on "pop" culture in animation, and the "tropical" setting that defines many islands.

What is the walk-thought of poptropica astroknight on?

Chapter One: In the Kingdom Start by going to the fountain and getting the golden coin. It will be on the top part, and you will see a sparkle. Continue on the path to the castle. Go in the room with the mouse and get the piece of paper. Go into the library and walk all around it until you have foun ( Full Answer )

How do you visit the Poptropica store in Poptropica?

Click on the yellow star at the upper right corner that says stats/store/stuff when you scroll over it. Then there will be tabs at the top of the page, click on the one that says store. There are costumes and extras that you can buy with the credits that you earn from completing the island.that or t ( Full Answer )

How do you get into Poptropica?

When going onto Poptropica, a fun way to explore (although exploring is already fun), there are two ways: going onto Google (see related link) and typing in "Poptropica" or going straight to the Poptropica site (see related link). Once you're on Poptropica, click on new player and create your Poptro ( Full Answer )

Who will walk with you?

The person who will walk with you is the person that loves you, if you think they love you and they don't walk with you then they don't really love you.

How do you get poptropica?

It says new player you click on it and you begin and you have to go to poptropica site to play

What walks in but walks out?

Anything that walks across a boundary shared by two locations. For instance, if something walks into A from B, it is walking out of B and walking into A; therefore, it is walking in but walking out.

How do you play early Poptropica in Poptropica?

Step one: head down into the sewers on main street. Step two: go down dodging the spiders and grab the pig watch out for the giant spider! Step three: head back up. Step four: go to the right and visit early poptropica. go down the well to your right. Step five: push the box down to the gree ( Full Answer )

Where do you find the popcorn bag on wimpy broad walk on poptropica?

you have to first get the trash can lid on the cranium shaker ride and put that on top of the bug infested trash can now push that can over to the cotton candy and open the lid. now you search through the can by clicking on it and at the bottom you will find the popcorn bag. enjoy the rest of the ga ( Full Answer )

Who do you get the flip flops from in wimpy walk board island Poptropica?

The mom in the parking lot by the fun house. She needs her keys first, so go get the keychain from the guy who sells them at the beach, give it to the guy who is "Looking for something" on the beach. He gives you his metal detector. Then spill a container of popcorn by the woman on the towel. She le ( Full Answer )

How do you win Himalayan hurl wimpy board walk poptropica?

After you defeat everything else, Greg will tell you to go to the bumper cars and get Rowley's lucky rabbit foot. If there's still a line, go to your inventory and click on your fake vomit. You have to be near the line. Once you click on it, the line will scream and run away. The guy will then say i ( Full Answer )

How do you get the claw machine to work at poptropica borad walk?

after you obtain the boy's frisbee he will tell you to jigggle the handle for a free game to learn how to get the frisbee copy this link...'s_lucky_rabbit_foot_on_Wimpy_Boardwalk_Island

How do you get the 20 dollars from the teenagers in wimpy board walk on poptropica?

Part One: Getting the Lucky Rabbit's Foot Head left to the area called Boardwalk Rides. You'll need to jump over a trash can buzzing with flies. (The entrance to the Fun House is here. You can go in to see that Rowley is in the ball pool and his mother is there looking for him. But there's nothing ( Full Answer )

How do you get tokens on wimpy board walk on poptropica?

As you walk around the Wimpy Boardwalk, you'll see Game Tokens lying on the ground. Grab 'em! You'll need them later to play the 5 Boardwalk Games. (You'll be able to collect even more tokens, when you can play the METAL DETECTOR game later.)

How do you get pass early Poptropica on Poptropica?

When you first get to the island, immediately go down the manhole cover under the blimp. Maneuver your way to the bottom and collect the pig found in the bottom right (make sure to avoid the spider). Then climb your way back to the top and go back to Main Street. Next go to the right until you can g ( Full Answer )

How do you play Poptropica games on Poptropica?

If you mean like the arcade games, you should go to a multiplayerplaza and approach a player. In the interactions, you can click"games" where you will find the games you can do with them.

How do you raise Poptropica games on Poptropica?

You could waste your time mining under water but the easiest way isto just wait and it will come out in the middle of the year buthurry it will delete itself after a few weeks. So keep looking outfor it.

How do you beat mock Poptropica on Poptropica?

Get off the blimp, and the first person you see will be GregHeffley. Talk to him, and he will tell you that his little brotherManny, who he was supposed to be babysitting while his mom was atwork, has somehow escaped from their house. Follow Greg back to hishouse to look for clues. Once you get ther ( Full Answer )