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You have to get taught in real life, you cannot be taught over the internet. Sorry!


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Whistle has two syllables.

The word whistle has two syllables. The syllables in the word are whist-le.

Two. Whis•tle

when you clap your hands and whistle

You blow with fingers in mouth.

Trumpet or Bugle. The Navy used to use a two-tone whistle called a Bosun"s pipe for similar purposes. This might be a remote forerunner of the ( sounded orally by people, not an instrument) Wolf-Whistle.- as it had two tones. Shirreeek! all hands to general quarters ( preliminary battle stations).

I bought a wooden whistle and it wooden whistle. I bought a lead whistle and it wooden lead me whistle. I bought a steel whistle and it steel wooden lead me whistle. I bought a tin whistle and now I tin whistle.

your two front broken teeth?lol

There are two main reasons that birds whistle/sing. One reason is to attract mates. The second reason is to fight for territory.

People whistle to signal something. Do not whistle while in class.

The future tense of whistle is will whistle.

Not sure if this is right, but I can only think of two songs with whistling it in. "There It Go (The Whistle Song) by Juelz Santana or "Whistle While You Twurk (Lil One)" by The Ying Yang Twins. "Here It Go (The Whistle Song" "Whistle While You Twurk (Lil One)"

Front two are called hands; hind two are called feet.

I whistle when I'm scared.Sometimes, I whistle but only make a blowing sound.I whistle to keep a good mood.

you stand straight with your hands beside you bodies until the umpire blows their whistle and drops the ball.

He liked to whistle as he walked.The whistle signalled the end of the match.

Humans have two hands.

It is unknown the exact number of muscles used to whistle. However, there are two muscles that are used the most, and they are the orbicularis oris and buccinator muscles.

A whistle is "un sifflet" in French, to whistle (verb) is "siffler"

Yes. The whistle at the end of the Hunger Games trailer, is in deen, Rue's whistle.

First "whistle" is a verb, as in whistle that tune. "A whistle" is a noun and being a word for something it is indeed a concrete noun.

The whistle of the mortar overhead was the last thing he heard.There was a whistle from the kitchen, telling him the kettle was boiled.He always liked to whistle on his way to work, which I found annoying. So one day I brought a shovel along to work. He won't whistle any more.

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