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You have to get taught in real life, you cannot be taught over the internet. Sorry!

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Q: How do you whistle with two hands?
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How many syllables is the word whistle?

Whistle has two syllables.

What is a better sentence for he blew his whistle and it was loud?

The wind blew my coat out of my hands.

How do you break whistle into syllables?

The word whistle has two syllables. The syllables in the word are whist-le.

How many syllables in the word whistle?

Two. Whis•tle

When do blue fin tuna show up in cape cod bay MA?

when you clap your hands and whistle

How do you whistle with two fingers?

You blow with fingers in mouth.

What helps you whistle?

your two front broken teeth?lol

How do you write a whistle i chat line?

whistle whistle

Example of pun?

I bought a wooden whistle and it wooden whistle. I bought a lead whistle and it wooden lead me whistle. I bought a steel whistle and it steel wooden lead me whistle. I bought a tin whistle and now I tin whistle.

Why do birds whistle?

There are two main reasons that birds whistle/sing. One reason is to attract mates. The second reason is to fight for territory.

What is the future tense of whistle?

The future tense of whistle is will whistle.

Who discovered how to whistle?

how to whistle

How do you make a dog whistle at home that works?

you can blow with two finger

Why do you want your two front in the in the song all you want is your two front teeth?

So that you can whistle.

What instrument was used to sound the morning and evening watches and was used at military funerals?

Trumpet or Bugle. The Navy used to use a two-tone whistle called a Bosun"s pipe for similar purposes. This might be a remote forerunner of the ( sounded orally by people, not an instrument) Wolf-Whistle.- as it had two tones. Shirreeek! all hands to general quarters ( preliminary battle stations).

What happens to the sound of a train whistle as a train approaches and passes you why?

The raising and lowering of the whistle's pitch due to the alteration in the relative speed of the whistle as it goes by you, described by two terms that can be discovered by reading your homework assignment.

When was With My Own Two Hands created?

With My Own Two Hands was created in 2002.

When was Two Hands Clapping created?

Two Hands Clapping was created in 2004.

How do you whistle a tune?

you a tune

What is the present tense of whistle?

its whistle

Two friends blow two whistles at the same time The first whistle makes a sound whose frequency is twice that of the sound made by the other whistle Which sound will reach you first?

the higher one

How many hands do humans have?

Humans have two hands.

How many hands in a foot?

it takes two hands.

What is a sentence for whistle?

People whistle to signal something. Do not whistle while in class.

What are the hands of a monkey called feet paws or hands?

Front two are called hands; hind two are called feet.