How do you win a man you care about when his soon to be ex and child are making him feel guilty about his new relationship and he decided to break the new relationship off until his divorce is final?



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I would respect his decision. as painful as it may be there is a child involved and that child should be his first priority. would you want a man who would have it any other way?if you feel that there could be something with this man at a later time and you can get past the hurt you must be feeling now then it might be worth it to let him go for now. if you were to win him now then all you might win is a man who feels guilty and conflicted- not the man who can love you freely. i was in a situation like that and i pushed him too fast. he really only needed time to heal and time to create a new relationship with his child. i remember how confusing a time it was for him and for me.i wish you well.