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How do you win the Fog Fall game?



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first, when you start out, go to the left room, the bathroom, and look behind the tub. there is a first aid kit, click it, click its lip, then take the sticking plaster from it (as of right now i havent found its use yet, please post if u find out). then click on the left shelf and take the paste. go back and go to the right shelf, click the second highest cubicle then take the toxic. then leave the room, and go straight, past the stairs. use the paste then the toxic on the lock on the cupboard on the right. it will open up and retrieve the key. then, leave and go back to where you started. go up the stairs and go into the left room, you'll see a brick wall, go to the right room. use the key on the desk, and take the console from the desk, then look in the waste can for another key. go back to the starting point again, then go forward twice. use the key on the desk and take the chain. i found a poster on the very far left side, but i have not found any use of it, it is not a "takeable" item. leave, go back to the starting point again, go to the left room, the pantry, and click on the very top left box and take the wrench. then click on the box to the left next to a box that looks to have oranges in it. take the sprocket and go back to the starting point. go back downstairs and use the sprocket on the space below the biggest gear and above the smallest gear. then use the chain on the gear that is on the bike. wait around for about a minute then the lights will be back on. go back to the starting point, go upstairs, go left, and left again. use the console on the small 6-dotted panel, then put in the number 2285 into the console, after clicking on it. a parascope will come down, you can click it and look around outside, but i havent found any use for this either. then go back to the starting point, go forward, then go left, into the kitchen. use the wrench on the what appears to be a propane bottle next to the oven. i have found out that you need to use matches on the gas coming out of the container, then you will get a piece of metal. i have not found out where the matches are, but i will post when i find out. this is as much as i have found out, so if you find anything else out, please post on this and let me know, i will be checking back periodicly. the matches are behind the wires by the brick door. go to the room with the suit on the pad type 7619 and hit E. grab the suit use the sticky patch on the healmet and take it. go to the door open it and put the metal bar on the right side of the door.pull the lever and exit also i know where the matches are they are embedded in the wires near the brick wall.First go upstairs to the brick wall on the left and click on the hanging wires.After it will zoom in on it and you will see something reddish brown sticking out the upper right corner and use it to light the propane bottle. you use the plastice that you git out of the medicine bag on the gass mask with the suit