How do you wire a 3 way cord?

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He do you splice and rewire an iphone4 cord

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Q: How do you wire a 3 way cord?
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How do you wire a 220 3 wire breaker to 4 wire dyer?

Buy a 3 wire cord for your dryer.

Can you construct a 3 wire power cord to a 3 wire extension cord?

you need to state more information but in any case yes you can.

How do you wire a 3 wire cord to a 4 prong plug?

Click the link.

What is the difference between cord and wire?

cord is surrounded by rubber wire is not

How do you wire a three wire cord to a two wire cord for a water feature?

You don't. Do not power a water feature without a grounded cord.

3 Wire Dryer Cord Can you splice them together?

The only way you can splice Home electric wiring is with a junction box. Any other way will and can cause fires.

What wire do you need for a 30 amp clothes dryer?

Electrical wiring for a dryer power cord with a typical 240 Volt electric power cord with 3-wire and 4-wire wiring configurations.

What is the extension cord with 3 prong could be used for?

Depends on the size of the wire in the extension cord. The 3 prong is just the hot, neutral, and ground.

3 wire range to 4?

Just replace the cord. Your manual has instructions.

On three wire spin dryer cord which color green white?

On a 3 wire dryer cord there is no green wire. The white wire coming from the outlet is connected to ground or the green screw. The black and red wires are the hot wires.

How do you change a four prong stove cord to a three prong cord?

You can purchase a replacement cord at Home Depot or others. On the back of the appliance, where the cord enters, there should be an access door. Open the door and make note of which color wire is attached to each terminal. A great help would be to use a marker to denote black, red, white, green. Once you have identified which wire goes where, you can remove the existing cord. The new 3 wire cord will be grey and flat, as opposed to black and round. The two outside wires of the 3 wire cord are larger in diameter than the center wire. These are the line wires, and are the same as the black and red wires from the old cord. Connect these to those terminals. It does not matter which is which. The center wire should go to where the green wire was.

Is ribbed wire black or white?

The ribbed wire on a lamp cord is the neutral wire. On an extension cord there is no rib but the neutral wire is white in colour.

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