How do you write a duologue?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: How do you write a duologue?
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What is a duologue?

A duologue is a conversation or dialogue between 2 people.

What is a sentence using the word duologue?

The duologue between the two characters was intense as they discussed their conflicting viewpoints on the issue.

What is the meaning of Duologue Costume in Drama?

duologue is where 2 people are performing in the drama piece

What is a duologue in drama?

A duologue is a conversation between two people. In drama, a duologue is a dialogue where both people have about the same amount of lines. It's like a monologue but with two people.When two people say the same line at the same time

What does the word duologue mean?

this mean to do something with out asking

How is duologue used?

to communicate to people everywhere across the world except from heaven

What is it called when two people are speaking as if someone was not there?

It is called speaking about someone in the third person.

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