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To have a good book review you need to state the book and the author then summarise the book and write your opinion on the book. There are some examples in

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What is a book review?

A BOOK REVIEW is when u write a plot, remendation and u write about the book

What is a good beginning to write for the a book review on the black stallion?

To obtain and read the book.

What is your own review of a book?

it is when you write about how you fell about the book

Can you show me how do you write a book review?


How do you conduct a book review?

In order to write a book review, you first need to read the book. You will then write about the book by giving the readers some information about the characters, setting, and plot, without giving away any key elements. You will also write your opinion about the book.

How do you write a response to a book review you agree with?

Write it the same way you write one you don't agree with.

How do you write a book review on the book middle school is worst than meatloaf?

Very carefully.

Can you please write a book Review for Wrinkle in Time?

WikiAnswers is not that sort of site - that's cheating and you will be expelled for doing it. We WILL help you learn how to write your own book reviews, though.First, read the book. It's a good book and easy to read.Next, write a short summary of what happened in the book. Then, write how you felt as you read the book - did you enjoy it or not? And remember to give reasons for why you enjoyed it or not.

How do you write a book review?

1. Introduce the review by:The Title of the bookWrite the author and illustratorThe date/time/year etc, when your book was published.2. Next, you....Write down the characters names.Write the chapter by chapter plot.Highlight the important text by writing paragraphs of importance.Also write quotes from each chapter.3. End the review by.........Write how the characters change personality every chapter.Write where they go if characters change location.

What is a book rewiew?

A book review is when you write what a book is about and what you think about it, so others can read the report and decide if they wish to read the book also.

What site can you go on to get a book review? is a good site with book reviews.

How can I best write a thank-you to a good performance review?

It is not necessary to write a thank you note for a performance review. You are the one who earned the good review. However, if you would like to thank your reviewer, keep the note brief and professional.

How do you pass an Ar test?

You read the book and write good chapter summaries for every chapter. You review your chapter summaries before taking the test. Then you will pass.

Review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow?

good book.

How do you write a book review in third person?

Third person uses the pronouns he, she, it, and they. Do not use "I," "we," or "you."

What is a summary book review mean?

a review of a book

Do you have to write the name of the author when quoting in a book review?

Yes. The name of the author is necessary to give the report/review/ect. a professional feel. It is also polite to give an author credit for the book they write. So, yes, write the author's name: it's not really that difficult-only two words.

Do you have to write title and author in a story review?

it depends on what its for if its for like school you have to but if its like your publishing a book then the story review would not require a title and author

What are some good book review websites?

For book reviews by professionals, The New York Times Book Review is the gold standard. If you want more of a "man on the street" take look at

Where online can I find book writing tips?

You want to make a few tips on what you want to write about. Think of a reader as your friend telling you a story, Write at least one paragraph for each point what you want to write about the book. Try to get the main theme of the book at the beginning of a review, Think about the genre of your book. Use at least 3 or 4 quotes to illustrate your points in your book. Concentrate on your points and reviews on what the book is all about. Do some research about the author you like and combine those into your ideas in your review on what you want to write about.

Does it sound good in book to write Theoretical Framework for Study instead of Literature Review?

Scholars understand the importance of reviewing the literature. I would not abandon that phrasing so readily.

Write the summary in Hindi of nirmala writer premchand?

book review of nirmala by prem chand in Hindi

If you want to write a book review on The Outsiders then can you give away the fact that 3 people die?

I wouldn't.

What features are used in reviews?

a book review should be include the summary , your views and other information about the book in the front page the book's name and author's name and the name of the person who is writing it should be mentioned. The next page should display the coverpage of your book. then in the next page write the name of the book ,author's name, publisher's name, copyright, ISBN code. in the next page write the summary in 150 words then write your likes and dislikes about the book you can also include pictures of the book. your book review is complete.

What is book review is called in Hindi?

what is book review callea in hindi

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