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Your conclusion will be based on the specific points you covered in your essay.

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Q: How do you write an essay and conclusion for the Incredible India topic?
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What are the parts of a essay?

Topic, details, conclusion

What is a good example of an conclusion for an essay?

it depends on the topic of the essay but it should say in conclusion.... or i see that this is a issue and....but it truly depends on the aspect of the essay.

Essay in Hindi on topic your India free from drugs?

You can write an essay in Hindi on any topic such as India free from drugs. You can write the essay using a translator.

How whould you end an essay?

An essay should end with a conclusion and in the conclusion you need to restate the topic of your essay and thereafter give short summary of the main arguments of your essay. - lahkeyah

How to write conclusion on the topic oxidation?

The conclusion of your essay should restate the thesis statement and summarize the key points in the body of your paper. Your essay and can include a short discussion of further research on the topic of oxidation.

Where do you get an essay on the topic if you were the prime minister of India?


What is the function of the first sentence of the conclusion?

To remind readers about the overall topic of the essay

Is there a form for writing an essay?

The form or structure of an essay is always that an essay has to have three parts, namely an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In the introduction you have to introduce the topic of the essay, give a general background on the topic and outline the structure of the essay. The body consists of the arguments being made in the essay, making sure you always stick to having one idea per paragraph. In the conclusion the topic of the essay is reiterated before giving a brief summary of the main findings and arguments of the essay.

How can you write a conclusion for the topic - culture and heritage of India?

the culture of india

What is a conclusion statement?

A conclusion statement is a sentence that sums up what your entire essay is about. Do not state any new information on your topic and do not use a sentence that asks a question. Basically just restate what your essay is trying to say about the topic you wrote about.

How is a letter like an essay in terms of structure?

Has a thesis, three topic sentences and a conclusion.

What is the conclusion of consumer education in India?

what is the conclusion of consumer eduction? i want to know the answer of this question because i prepared a topic about consumer eduction so at the end of this topic conclusion is must

What is a good conclusion to an essay about 9-11-01?

The conclusion is a short summary of what you have said in your essay. You need to decide what sentence best explains your topic! Nobody else can give you a "good conclusion" because our ideas will support your topic. If you just start writing, you will be through with your assignment before you know it!

What is a discursive essay topic?

discussing an issue,proceeding to a conclusion through reason rather than intuition

What is the structure of the traditional essay?

You present your topic, you explain it in some suitable amount of detail, and then you present your conclusion.

What is the topic of an essay?

The topic is what the essay is about; the main idea of the essay.

What is the last paragraph of an essay that restates the topic sentence and offers additional insight on the body paragraphs called?

A conclusion?

What is a complete essay?

A complete essay has a clearly stated thesis statement, a full introduction to help the reader get a sense of the topic, some paragraphs to prove the thesis, and a conclusion to wrap the essay up.

What are the rules for the construction of essay items on tests?

Usually what a teacher wants to see is: * An introduction with topic sentence. * The main body which backs up the argument of the topic sentence. * A conclusion, including summary of the essay and what should be taken from it.

What is the parts of an reflective essay?

I. IntroductionA. Thesis StatementB. DetailsII. BodyA. Main TopicB. DetailsIII. ConclusionA. TopicB. Details

Can a topic for a research can be broader than the topic for a short essay?

yes the topic of the research can be broader then the topic of short essay

What would be a good conclusion sentence for cougars?

You need to make your conclusion sentence fit your essay topic. There are dozens of ways you could write about cougars, but we don't know what topic about cougars that you used. So it is impossible to give you a concluding sentence, because we don't know your specific topic.

An essay on leisure time activities?

To write an essay about leisure time activities, narrow down the topic to something more specific, like "Leisure Time Activities for a Summer Day" or "Wintertime Leisure Activities." Choose some activities that fit with your topic and decide what your topic sentence will be. Write your introduction and the body of your essay. Close with your conclusion paragraph.

What is Essay structure?

Thesis topicThesis statementevidencelogical inductionbiased rhetoricappeals to emotion and prejudiceconclusion

What are the parts to a five paragraph essay?

"A 5 paragraph essay is the simplest and most usual form of essay. The basic structure contains an introduction, three paragraphs forming the main body of the essay and a conclusion summarizing the main thesis of the essay."So basically:The introductionthe core democraticexplaining the topicdataThe conclusionI have added a link to full article in related links below...