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παππούς [papus]

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Q: How do you write grandfather in greek?
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Greek name for grandfather?

The Greek word for "Grandfather" is "παππούς".

What does papou mean?

"Papou" is a term of endearment for "grandfather" in Greek. It is commonly used by grandchildren to refer to their grandfather.

Greek for grandfather?

Papou is the word we used for Greek Grandfather. It's pronounced "Pah-POOH"

How do you write grandfather in French?

Grandfather in French is "grand-père."

What is the greek phonetic word for grandfather?


What does the name popi mean?

"Popi" is a Greek name, often used as a term of endearment for a grandfather. It is derived from the Greek word "pappous," which means grandfather.

How do you say great grandfather with 11 greats?

To say "great grandfather" with 11 greats, write the word "great" eleven times and then write the word "grandfather." Some people say "eleventh great grandfather."

Is Cyd Charisse Greek?

No she was not. Her 1st husband, my grandfather, Nico Charisse was full Greek.

How do you write 'grandfather' in Arabic?

Grandfather : jedde ( in Arabic ) and it is written this way : جدّي

What Greek god killed his grandfather with a discus during an athletic event?

Perseus jackson did in fact kill his grandfather.

How do you write great grand father?

Great is a separate word and grandfather is one word great grandfather or great great grandfather

What are the words for grandmother and grandfather in Greek?

Grandmother is Yia-Yia and Grandfather is Pa-Pou. Grandfather can also be Bapi.