How do you you replace the blower motor on an Oldsmobile Delta 88?

I actually just did this today. I will asssume that it is a mid 90's olds or so. Anyhow, You first need to remove the clip that is connected to the blower motor itself and then remove the 6 blots from the blower motor that connect it to the firewall. Blower motors in general are not perfectly round so be aware of how it was installed in the first place. Once you remove the bolts you will just have to pull it out from the firewall and put in the new one. hopefully you have a blower motor with a clip and not a universal because splicing wires is a real pain. Put the clip back on and your good to go. If you have no idea where the blower motor is it is located up against the firewall and will stick out a little bit, It should be dead center or pretty close to center of the compartment. best of luck