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Mr. Lorry destroys Dr. Manette's work bench, where he made shoes

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How does what the doctor first says foreshadow johnny's condition?

What the doctor says, shows that Johnny is in a bad condition but he will be glad to see his friends.

How do you report a negligent doctor?

Dealing with a doctor whom you trust has been negligent can be an angering and upsetting condition. Doctors can be negligent in many ways, including recommending medications to which you are sensitive, giving you improper advice or even botching a surgical process. When you believe a doctor has been negligent, there are several ways to report the situation, whether you are seeking a legal remedy or you simply want to prevent someone else from going through the same thing.

Do you need a prescrtion from a Doctor for erectile Disfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition. You just get it, it happens, a doctor does not give you a rx to get it. If you have the condition and want treated for it, you need a rx from a doctor for medication.

How can one be diagnosed with asthma?

Your family care doctor will diagnose asthma based on your condition, or your doctor will forward you to an specialist to determine how serious your asthma condition.

Can a doctor call the police if they find meth in your system?

They can, and might have to if they believe you are in a dire medical condition. THey don't want you dying on them without notifying the authorities of the cause.

Does there have to be a diagnosis to be considered a preexisting condition?

According to my insurance company if you have seen a doctor about the condition it is preexisting.

How can you manage low albium yourself?

When someone is asking how to handle some medical condition without a doctor's guidance, it's usually a bad idea. Talk to your doctor.

What is a iatrogenic disease?

An iatrogenic condition is one that is caused by a doctor. A doctor-caused condition might arise, for example, from prescribing the wrong medicine or performing surgery improperly.

Can you have chlamydia without your doctor knowing?

Yes, you can have chlamydia without your doctor knowing. If you don't get tested, it's not likely that your doctor will know if you're infected.

How can you talk to a male Jewish doctor about his breast cancer condition?

Nobody should talk to their Doctor about his medical condition. However, just like any other Doctor, a Jewish Doctor treats all patients professionally and has no problem talking to women about their breast cancer condition. Au contraire, it's a big mitzva to try cure sick people.

Can you buy vicodan without a prescription?

This would be illegal. In some places, it is a felony. If you feel you have an injury or condition that requires a strong pain medicine such as Vicodan, you need to consult with your doctor.

Is a health-care call center the same thing as a doctor's answering service?

No it is not. A heath care call center is a general line that can help you diagnose what you have without actually seeing a doctor. But, if you have a serious condition then it is recommended that you see your regular doctor.

How do you use stabilized in a sentence?

The doctor said that his condition has stabilized

Drug testing by Doctor without patient knowledge?

That (I'm a doctor) is illegal. Report the doctor to the DEA.

How often are you supposed to visit your doctor?

Depends on your condition. If you have some sickness, the doctor will tell you when after to meet him. If not, it's good to visit your doctor every 3 months

You are prone to blood clots can you get a tattoo?

Ask your doctor about your condition NOT WIKI...

You have anus bleeding and a mass?

This condition should be looked at by a doctor for a diagnosis.

Can you become a doctor if you have a medical condition?

yes you can but it would be very difficult.

What kind of doctor treats bone spurs?

Orthopedicians will treat this condition

What kind of doctor treats palmer hyperhidrosis?

Dermatologist treats that condition

What is trauma lk?

Iatrogenic is any adverse condition caused by a doctor

Why is there blood when I urinate?

You have to get to your doctor without delay. This is something that your doctor has to help you correct.There is something wrong. Visit a doctor.

Can you use cyclimycin antibiotic for a fever?

You should not use antibiotics that were not prescribed by your doctor for your condition. Please go see a doctor.

Can you see the doctor without your parents under the age of 16?

yes you may see the doctor without a parent at the age of 16 because i did it

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