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Q: How does DNA get from is double helix from to form a chromosome?
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How many DNA molecules are there in a chromosome?

There is one double helix DNA molecule per chromosome.

What is a double helix DNA or RNA?

Both DNA and RNA can exist in the double helix form, but only DNA is completely stable as a double helix. The double helix RNA is usually only short "hairpin" sections folding back on itself, never the long essentially linear form of double helix DNA.

What is the third step of DNA replication?

the third step in dna replication is when 2 dna double helix form together to form other dna double helix.

What is a bacterial chromosome?

A bacterial chromosome is most likely an entire double-helix DNA molecule (like most DNA molecules, but in a bacterium).

What structure does DNA form?

DNA forms a double helix.

What does a DNA molecule form?

A double helix.

What is the difference between a replicated chromosome and an unreplicated chromosome?

In late anaphase and G1 of interphase, a chromosome is unreplicated and consists of a single DNA double helix. A replicated chromosome contains two identical DNA double helices.

Difference between chromosomes and DNA?

DNA is a long, double helix. When you take that helix and wind it tightly around proteins called histones, then it is known as a chromosome.

What is a highly coiled form of DNA?

the highly coiled form of DNA is a double helix.

What is the name of the structure DNA forms?

The DNA molecule forms a double helix. The linear DNA chromosomes of eukaryotes form a highly supercoiled double helix.

DNA assumes a form termed what?

a double helix

What do stramds of DNA form?

A double helix structure

Who was responsible for the discovery of DNA as a double helix?

Scientists by the name of James Watson and Francis Crick discovered DNA to be in the form of a double helix.

When DNA is in its thread like form what is it referred as?

Double Helix

What shape do two strands of DNA form?

double helix

Which part of DNA is double helix?

The whole DNA strand is a double helix.

Could you put the following in order from smallest to largest base pair cell chromatid chromosome DNA double helix gene nucleotide nucleus nitrogenous base?

Nitrogenous base, base pair, DNA double helix, gene, chromatid, chromosome, cell - roughly.

What is DNA is contained in?

AnswerDNA forms the chromosomes which are contained in the nucleus. The DNA molecule is made up of a double helix forming one chromatid of the chromosome.

Do both DNA and RNA naturally occur in the double helix?

no, it is only DNA that has a double helix. RNA's never have a double helix. RNA's are single helix structures.

When not in the process of division DNA exists in the form called?

Double helix.

What is meant by the double helix in DNA?

The double helix IS DNA - its what the spiral structure of the DNA is called. :) hope it helped

Does RNA consists of two strands of nucleotides twisted to form s double helix?

No RNA is a single-stranded chain of nucleotides. The double helix is formed by two nucleotide strands of DNA not RNA. RNA can form secondary structures, but not the double helix seen with DNA.

What enzyme unzips the DNA double helix?

The enzyme Helicase unzips the DNA double helix

Has a double helix shape?

DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, has a double helix shape,

Where is double helix located?

In the DNA. The term "double helix" refers to the structure of DNA.