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unwinding: the old stands that make up the parent molecule are unwound or unzipped. a special enzyme called helicase unwinds the molecule.complementary base pairing:new complimentary nucleotides(A to T, and C to G) are positioned by base pairing. joining:the complimentary nucleotides join to form new strands. each daughter strand contains one old strand and one new strand.

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Q: How does DNA replicate?
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How does the cell replicate In DNA?

Cells do not replicate "In DNA". Cells replicate their DNA during the process of cell division.

During what stage do you replicate a cells DNA?

They replicate their DNA during interphase.

What sites separate and replicate in DNA?

replication forks separate and replicate DNA

Suppose the DNA in the chromosomes of a cell did not replicate?

If the DNA did not replicate, daughter cells would not be formed.

How does the DNA replicate?


Where does DNA replicate?

in the ribosome

When does DNA replicate?

the cell separate

When does a cell replicate its DNA?


Does DNA replicate itself?


What 2 DNA molecules result from DNA replication?

Replicate DNA and you get DNA. Two from one.

What is the rule of DNA polymerase in replication?

DO NOT replicate it

Does DNA replicate during cytokinesis?

Yes it does

Why does DNA replicate before the cell divides?

so that there will be two sets of DNA ... one for each new cell. If the DNA doesnt replicate one new cell would have no DNA. and cells need DNA.

Why is it important for DNA molecule to replicate itself?

DNA must replicate itself before mitotic cell division so that the two new daughter cells have the same amount of DNA, and identical DNA.

Is it true mitochondria are able to replicate themselves?

Yes they have own DNA. So they replicate by their own

Where does a virus replicate its DNA?

A virus replicates its DNA in a cell when it infects the host

Why is it important that mitochondria have their own DNA?

DNA is the genetic material.So they can self replicate.

Why is it necessary the cell copies its DNA?

cells must copy their DNA to replicate

How does the DNA molecule replicate itself?

through replication

How do cells replicate DNA?

By being a part of chromosomes.

How does DNA replicate make a copy of itself?


How long does it take for DNA to replicate?

half hour

How can mitochondria reproduce?

It replicate by its own. They have circular DNA

What stage do DNA replicate?

S Phase of Interphase

What cannot replicate without donated DNA?