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How does DSL work?

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its is 3

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How much is your DSL service and what does it include Will it work with Vonage?

DSL prices range from 19.95 to 99.95 and Vonage will work with DSL.

Can you use Magic Jack when your computer is DSL?

It works with a broadband connection. dsl=broadband, therefore should work (unless you have a slow dsl connection.

Do routers work with both cable and DSL input?

Router can function using both a cable and a DSl connection

Do you need DSL to work a wireless router?


Will my DSL modem work as a cable modem?

You will need to buy a new modem that is designed for your DSL modem. This is due to the fact that the modem is designed to use the dsl signal opposed to the cable modem.

Can Windows 98 use DSL?

If the DSL modem is connected to a router that Windows 98 is connected to, or if Windows 98 is connected directly via an Ethenet cable, then yes. Most new DSL modems won't work if you connect them via a USB cable, but the Ethernet will still work.

Will xbox live work with ATT dsl?

Not if you use the 19.95 plan.

What is naked dsl?

Naked DSL is also called dry DSL and Stand alone DSL. It is a DSL line without a dial tone.

Can you connect your wii to the internet without dsl?

It does not have to be DSL it can also be cable, fiber, or satellite. But it does have to be some kind of high speed service. Dial up will not work.

Can you use a dsl modem with cable internet?

The two technologies are not interchangable, and the hardware used to connect (DSL modem or Cable modem) are not likely to work with the other.

which DSL modem will work with Qwest service?

The DSL modem that qwest provides to each customer is going to be the best modem because it is up to date in software.

Will iMac work with a phone line?

Yes, on a dial-up or DSL connection.

Will your wireless router work for a modem if you are going from dsl to broadband cable?


Is DSL internet appropriate for a large work enviroment?

DSL internet is appropriate for a large work environment. However it would be better if you could use wireless routers because then there would be different people on different servers.

How does dsl extreme differ from dsl?

DSL Extreme boasts faster connection speeds at a rate comparable to a lesser connection speed at DSL. The customer service at DSL extreme is better and fastter than the one at DSL.

monthly dsl ?

monthly dsl

Which is faster DSL or broadband?

DSL is faster

Is dsl the same as broadband?

DSL is broadband

how much a month for dsl?

how much for DSL

Is home dsl service as fast a business dsl service?

Home dsl service is as fast as a business dsl service. There are many companies that offer dsl service. Verizon is one provider that offers fast service.

How do you get your 50 meg internet to work on your ps3?

PS3 internet must be cable or DSL only

can i get dsl in cleburne, texas?

“can i get dsl in cleburne, texas”

Why can't everyone have DSL?

the phone equipment (substation, etc) must be DSL compatible. If not, you can't get DSL. DSL is also limited to distance which is about 18,000 feet from the CO.

DSL for your Business?

form_title=DSL for your Business form_header=Improve your bottom-line with the DSL speed you want. Do you have a current DSL provider?= () Yes () No If so, who is your current provider?=_ What is your desired DSL speed?=_ When would you like to have this service installed?=_

Where do you get home dsl services?

You can find home dsl on a dsl providers website. dsl offers you to watch TV shows and videos or movies whenever you want. Dsl can be expensive though depending on your service plan so be careful!