How does Islamic gold dinar exchange in different countries?

The igd values in various countries at present, based on world market price, generally in dollars per troy ounce. This can be found on various websites expresses the value in various currencies. However this is not the reality, as the dollar and all currencies are speculative it is only an interim exchange of present currency against gold market value. What is really important is the purchasing power of gold, there are various studies recording what a gold or silver coin could buy or pay for in the days of its use as a currency in common circulation. For example the most often quoted at the early days of Islam is a narration of the purchase of a sheep against a dinar. This study was recently verified to find that a gold dinar weighing 4.25g of gold would buy a sheep in - Mali, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Wales (UK), and this was consistent. So the comparison of goods against gold provides a much more accurate representation of its worth, as opposed to paper money. I hope this answers the question.