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He was tired of hearing sermons about hellfire and damnation.


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In Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, John Proctor had an affair with Abigail Williams.

You will just have to read the book!! Its amazing!

Elizabeth Proctor gets pregnant near the end of the book.

Apex (; Proctor tears up his confession.

They question him. Eventually he is condemned to hang, but not in the scene.

she wanted to have a baby with john proctor. proctor promised tituba to have sex if she accuses his enemy

Proctor is given the options of either confessing to witchcraft or death.

Mercy Lewis worked for John and Elizabeth Proctor.

John Proctor hates Reverend Parris. He thinks his preaching is no good. This is why Proctor does not attend church every Sunday.

There is a film version out with Daniel Day-Lewis as Proctor.

John Proctor, Rev. Parris, Rev. Hale, Abigail Williams

As Proctor is being led to the gallows, Elizabeth acknowledges his goodness.

Rebecca Nurse, like John Proctor, is there to stand for the voice of reason.

He fears that if John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse get hanged, then the town will start a riot.

Has a 'farmer' type image Mid 30s Tall/potent/strong

John Proctor is powerless at the end of The Crucible because he has to choose either to die and keep his name clean or confess of witchcraft and be free. He chose to be hung because he didn't want his good name damaged.

Go to Salem and tell the court Abigale said that it were all sport.

'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller, John Proctor is trying to bolster an obviously weakened Mary Warren. He speaks the words of the Angel Raphael from the Bible. "Do that which is good and ho harm shall come to thee." This reminds her of Proctor.

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