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Jupiter is like Saturn ,it protects the earth from danger and death from grabbing the space dump away from earth

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Is there life on Jupiter?

There is no sign of extraterrestrial life on Jupiter.

Does Jupiter have any plant life?

No Jupiter has no plant life.

Does Jupiter have sustain life?

No Jupiter doesn't sustain life.

Has Jupiter got life on it?

Jupiter does not have any life on it. This is because it is unfit for life to live on it.

What life forms exist on Jupiter?

Life is not known to exist on Jupiter.

Why is there no life on Jupiter?

because Jupiter has not got water or anything that gasn grow into something that's why Jupiter has no life .

Are there aliens on Jupiter?

no there is not it is imposible for life to be on jupiter.

Is it possible for life to exist on Jupiter?

It is not possible for life sustained by OUR PLANET to exist on Jupiter. Is it possible that there is another form of life that can survive on Jupiter? Sure...its possible. There hasn't been any evidence indicating life on Jupiter.

How did van gogh's art influence his life?

His life influenced his art - not the other way around.

Which factor most influence the southern way of life?

The factor that most influenced the southern way of life was the invention of the cotton gin.

Are there any type of life forms mineral plant or animal on Jupiter?

Scientists do not currently know for certain if there are any lifeforms on Jupiter. Our technology has not progressed to the point that we can go all the way to Jupiter and find out.

Is there evidence of life on Jupiter?

Life cannot exist on Jupiter because it has no solid ground

Are there insects in Jupiter?

There are no insects on Jupiter because Jupiter doesn't have life on it. To be honest I think we are the only planet in our Solar system that has life.

Is there any life forms on Jupiter?

We have not examined the planet Jupiter very closely, but to the best of our present knowledge, no, there are no life forms on Jupiter.

Was there ever life on Jupiter?

No there wasn't ever life on Jupiter because Jupiter is made out of all the liquid and gas in the solar system.

Can Jupiter support life on its planet?

No, Jupiter cannot support life. Jupiter cannot support life because it has no atmosphere and also because the pressure is really strong on Jupiter and anything that enters its atmosphere would be crushed.It has little water. Umm, nu-huh... Jupiter CAN support life, just not any life that is present in the Earth system. There are many possibilities for life to exist in the Jupiter system, although none have as yet been detected. Jupiter DOES have an atmosphere, the planet is predominated by it. Jupiter DOES have water... in it's atmosphere.

Dally's parents have influenced the way he is?

Yes, Dally's parents did influence the way he is. Every ones parents influence the way they are because they teach them about life and values and how to grow into the best person they can be.

Why doesnt life exist on Jupiter?

No one has ruled out the possibility of life existing on Jupiter. We are pretty sure that sentient life like that found on Earth, does not exist on Jupiter, by Jove.

How are Jupiter and io connected?

Io is a moon that orbits Jupiter. Io has a major influence on Jupiter's magnetic field.

How can religion influence your life?

It can keep you in a disciplined way, it can put you in the right path.

Is there any life form on Jupiter?

We have seen no evidence of life on Jupiter and it seems that life as we know it would not be able to exist there.

Why go to Jupiter?

You can t go to jupiter there is no soild land on it and its a long way a way

Dose Jupiter have aliens?

There is no sign of extraterrestrial life on Jupiter.

Why is there no life in Jupiter?

Jupiter is too cold for liquid water.

How did slavery influence life?

How did slavery influence life

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