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same way everyone else does

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Q: How does Lady Gaga get her clothes?
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Where can you find Lady Gaga clothes?

on lady gaga

Does Lady Gaga make some of her clothes?

lady gaga does make some of her close

Who is more famous Alferd Hitchcock or Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga cos of her clothes :/

Why does Lady Gaga have crazy clothes?

shes a theatrical person;; lady gaga is her character . its all for acting.

How is lady gaga weird?

it is her clothes and her personality :)

What is lady gagas favorite clothes?

lady gaga likes 80's style clothes.

Why does Lady Gaga wear unusual clothes?

I think that Lady GaGa just likes to express herself, and she has found that a way to do that is to wear extraordinary clothes.

What kind of clothes did Lady Gaga wear to school?

Lady GaGa wore uniforms and navy blue sweaters

Where does Lady Gaga get her clothes from?

she designs them & they are custom made for her

Did lady gaga where normal clothes in any of her songs?


Can you buy Lady Gaga clothes in inverness?

yes you can

Does lady gaga were normal clothes?

Sometimes but not when she is out in public

Who finkd Lady Gaga is kl?

I think that lady gaga is kwl because she wears cool clothes and her hair is nice.

Does Lady Gaga like to party?

Lady gaga loves to party. She wears great and unique clothes!! WOW UR DUMB

Why doesn't Lady Gaga go back to her own planet?

Because lady gaga is on her planet in her mind. She needs more clothes on

Why does Lady Gaga have different clothes?

Well, we all have clothes and we all are creative but the special Lady Gaga thinks outside the box when talking about clothes and fashion. And to be honest with you Lady Gaga has actually made a song called fashion. So that explains how much she love creating clothes and coming up with lots of great creative ideas.

Where does Lady Gaga get her amazing clothes?

A lot of her stuff comes from House of Gaga, her clothing line.

Who is Lady Gaga fashion designer?

she designs her clothes and she wears other designers clothes

Why does lady gaga where crazy clothes?

Because, to her, they're not crazy clothes. They're being who she is.

Does lady gaga poop in her clothes?

yes because she is a dork

How did Lady Gaga influence others?

by wearing meat as clothes

Who design lady gaga clothes?

Alexander McQueen, and herself

Where can you find Lady Gaga shops?

most likely lady gaga's clothes are being made for her

What does Rihanna wear?

she wears good clothes likely like lady gaga but not that much weird she is not like lady gaga but she dresses kinda weird :.)

What clothing size is Lady Gaga?

she wars size 12 clothes