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After she kills her husband, she put the meat into the oven then she goes upstairs in her bedroom and practices in front of the mirror what she will say and how she will act when the police show up and ask her questions and puts on little make up to get herself ready. She leaves the house and goes to the grocery store and she buys Idaho potatoes, peas and a slice of cheesecake for her husband.

And now, she told herself as she hurried back, all she was doing now, she was returning home to her husband and he was waiting for his supper; and she must cook it good, and make it as tasty as possible because the poor man was tired; and if, when she entered the house, she happened to find anything unusual, or tragic, or terrible, then naturally it would be a shock and she'd become frantic with grief and Horror. Mind you, she wasn't expecting to find anything. She was just going home with the vegetables. Mrs. Patrick Maloney going home with the vegetables on Thursday evening to cook supper for her husband.

That's the way, she told herself. Do everything right and natural. Keep things absolutely natural and there will be no need for any acting at all.

Therefore, when she entered the kitchen by the back door, she was humming a little tune to herself and smiling.

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Q: How does Mary maloney prepare her alibi?
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Mary Maloney killed her husband with a frozen leg of lamb.

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The protagonist in "Lamb to the Slaughter" is Mary Maloney, a seemingly meek and dutiful housewife who takes drastic action after her husband delivers unexpected news.

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her husbands homecoming

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Mary maloney

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because she was pregnant

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Devoted and doting

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Mary Maloney's alibis from the slaughter of the lamb?

Mary goes to the grocery store for vegetables and talks to Sam the grocer

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Mary Maloney-protagonist Patrick Maloney- antagonist others- Grocer-Sam, Investigators- Jack Noonan, Charlie, and others

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She is a devoted yet eager to her husband patrick, but on the other hand the grump husband is interested in another person. Mary Maloney Victim or Villain In this story I believe that Mary Maloney is a Villain. For two huge reasons, first of all she committed a murder and she covered it up afterward.

What is Mary's first concern as she builds her alibi?

Mary's first concern as she builds her alibi is to establish a story that cannot be disproven by any evidence or witness testimony. She will focus on creating a timeline of her whereabouts during the time in question and ensuring that it aligns with the facts of the case. Additionally, she may seek to involve credible alibi witnesses or create a paper trail that supports her version of events.