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How does Serpentine Belt bypass AC compressor on '98 Dodge Dakota v.6?


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October 20, 2011 8:51PM


I just bypassed the ac compressor on my 97 Dakota V.6 I used a Napa 7 ribbon belt item number K070905 it was a pricey belt $84.00 where I live. After that all you need is the longest handled ratchet you have and a 15mm socket. The tensioner is located to your left and a little bit down it's a little pulley with the grooves on it and an arm attached to it. Turn the bolt with your ratchet to the right towards the battery and that will give you the slack you need to get the belt off be sure to let it back slowly and don't push it too far and break the spring. Repeat the last process to put the belt on I found that putting the belt on the pulley to the far right was the easiest.

There you go you're done