How does Siri work?

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I think the way it works is by searching for certain key phrases, for example if you ask for kebab shops, it will search for local kebab shops using data from where you are etc and then bring those up
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Who dies in the Harry Potter siries?

Who doesn't die is a better question. There are 7 long, detailed books in this series, which is about death vs. life or good vs. evil. So naturally, there is tons of death, especially in the last book. You might want to refine your question to one that may be possible to answer :)

How old is Giuseppe Siri?

Giuseppe Siri was born on May 20, 1906 and died on May 2, 1989. Giuseppe Siri would have been 82 years old at the time of death or 109 years old today.

What is Siri by Apple?

Siri is the intelligent personal assistant on the new iPhone 4S. She is very useful in our fast paced world because she provides you with a means to get things done quickly just by speaking to her. Siri uses voice recognition software to understand your commands and asks you questions to help her ob ( Full Answer )

Is siri available in Korean?

It's available only on the iPhone 4S but if you are asking "Will Sirir be on Korean iPhone 4S's?" then yes.

What does the name Siri mean?

Siri tells me, " What does my name mean? I don't think I can explain it in your language."

Can siri work on iPhone 4?

No, Siri is a program (not an app) that is installed into the iphone 4s. The iphone 4 doesn't have this program therefore Siri cannot and never will be able to work on the iphone 4.

Can you get siri on iPhone 4?

Not yet. Apple are apparently going to make it available for purchase for others for a small price but not yet anyway. There is an app called Vlingo that is good at doing the same kind of thing, just not as good at all.

How much does Siri cost?

To tell you the truth, I really do not know but some of my friends say that it just comes with the I Phone 4S.

Is Siri an app?

no you can only get it if you have a iphone 4s its like voice control but much cooler

Does the white iPod have siri?

No, it doesn't. The white iPod is just a different colour that has come out and only uses Voice Control exactly like the black one. The iPhone 4S has Siri. Hope this helped!

What is a siri proxy server?

A Siri Proxy server is a proxy server that is used for the Apple iphone's digital assistant Siri. It can customize actions for the user. It can also tweak Siri's functionality for the users convenience.

What is Siri?

Siri is the voice control feature currently available on the iPhone 4S. You can ask Siri to perform tasks for you, such as check the weather ad send emails and text messages. Unlike a normal voice control system, Siri talks back to you when answering question or giving u information

Where does siri work?

Siri doesn't work anywhere its a computer that was built to answer any question you might have

What Can Siri do?

Siri can tell you the weather, read you you're text message, set a timer, make an appt. on your calendar, look up stuff on google, find equivalent measurements, and much much more!

What is an iPod App that is like Siri?

Try Evi! It is just like Siri. You can either write or speak to it. But it is a little slow. It is only $0.99 in the app store. Best Siri competitor ever!!!!!

Will the iPad 3 come with siri?

No, the iPad 3 was introduced on March, 7, 2012 and the new features did include a microphone and voice dictating software but there was no Siri involved.

Will Siri be on the iPad?

I don't think we will see it for the present iPad, as it requires a GPS system as well as a 3G Internet connection to work well wherever you are.these are only present in the 3G versions of the iPad. Siri is still officially a beta program, so expect the next iPad might have it...

What are fun things to say to siri?

"Siri where's a good place to get rid of a body" then say, "How about a swamp?" Or say "Siri, you're the only one for me"

Can you get Siri on iTouch 4G?

No, I'm afraid you can't. The built-in service 'Siri' is exclusive to the iPhone 4S, Apple's latest iPhone. However, the iTouch 4G has 'voice control', which allows you to control your music experience with your voice. You can activate this by holding down the menu button. Contact me if you have an ( Full Answer )

How do you talk to siri?

To talk to Siri, you first have to make sure your apple device has siri. To actually talk to siri you have to press and hold the home button until siri pops up.

Is siri on iPod Touch 4g?

yes but it is kind of different. You hold down the button with the square in it. Then you can only ask for siri to play a song for you...

Who is the voice for siri?

The voice of Siri on the Apple Products is Carmen Duncan whoever that is!? ; )

Does iPod 4 gen have siri?

No, but it have voice control it's the same like Siri but you can't say "how many chick fi la are in my area" you can only say " message Kevin or face time mom play song the motto message Daniela and who sings the song I will always love you. To do voice control to press on an app like if you want t ( Full Answer )

Will you be able to use siri on your ipodtouch?

Depending on if you have a 'Jailbroken' iDevice( iPod Touch etc... ) If you are jailbroken, you can use a number of tweaks and donwloads, to activate Siri onto iPods, iPads with the help of Spire, Skyra!n or Other downloads. If you are referring to an orignal iDevice, which is not Jailbroken, the an ( Full Answer )

Does iPod Touch 4 has Siri?

Not exactly but if you hold the home button for 5 seconds a "Voice Control" screen will pop up and you have the option to choose music based on what artist or album you want. The voice sounds like Siri so I guess this is what the question asks for. Other than that the iPhone 4S has all of Siri.

Is siri available on iOS 6?

Well there is no such thing as IOS 6 yet. So far its IOS 5.1 i think and siri is only available on the apple iphone 4s. No other devices have siri and there is no app or update for it

What is ''SIRI''?

Siri is a feature on the iphone 4s and 5 that is similar to voice control. She responds to your voice and will answer questions, tell you the weather, search the web, send and call people, have funny conversations with you, remembers your name and more. There is 2 ways to activate siri: 1) by hold ( Full Answer )

Can you get a Siri app?

Yes and no. Officially, Siri is only available as a built-in service that is currently (as of August 2012) available for the Apple iPhone 4S and third-generation iPad. In January 2012 however, independent developers have ported Siri to older iOS devices through Cydia, for jailbroken iOS devices.

Why don't iPads have Siri?

Siri was released on 4s just to have something new and apple wasn't ready for a big update on all devices. In October 2012, it will be released for the New IPad (third-generation) with iOS6. It will also be available for the iPhone 4s and 5, as well as the fifth-generation iPod Touch.

Does the iPad 2 have siri?

No. Siri is only available on the New iPad (3rd Generation) and iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation).

Can you use Siri with Google Maps?

Yes, simply ask for directions as you normally would but add "in transit". For example: "Give me directions to Walmart, in transit." A screen will come up with all the available navigation apps you have installed, find Google Maps and tap Route. Siri will then show your route in the selected app.

Does Siri work on the iPad?

It is now available on the Ipad. It works so poorly, however, that it is not useful, IMHO.

Who is siri?

A guy on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Hold down the home button to get him. Ask him any questioon you like. SIRI IS AWESOME!

How can siri marry you?

Ask her to marry you. When I asked, she said, "We hardly know one another." When I ask her to go on a date with me, she said, "I found ten dating services...six of them are fairly close to you." Then, I asked, "Will you go out with me." She said, "I suppose it's possible." Then, I asked, "Will you k ( Full Answer )

Are you siri?

Im not Siri But siri is a phone app on a iphone any iphoneand u press the bouttom to speak to it in google images type up aniphone if u dont know what is it! Thanks xx SB

Why is siri a girl?

Siri has no sex she said it say Siri are you a boy or a girl she says I have no gender

Is siri awesome?

OF COURSE!! Not a single day goes by without methinking she's gorgeous, nice, lovely, expert and most ofall AMAZING!!

When was Siri born?

Siri or the Intelligent personal assist and knowledge navigator on an application for Apple's iOS. It was"born" (initial launch) on the 4 October 2011.

How did siri come to be?

Siri was available in the App Store by Siri, Inc as an IOSapplication until being acquired by Apple in 2010.

What are the release dates for Siri Raja Siri - 2008?

Siri Raja Siri - 2008 was released on: Sri Lanka: 6 March 2008 Italy: July 2008 (Giffoni Film Festival) Mexico: August 2008 (Mexico City International Film Festival) USA: 16 November 2008 (South Asian International Film Festival) Canada: April 2009 (Sprockets Toronto International Film Fe ( Full Answer )

Is Siri useful?

Sometimes and sometimes not he is a bit deaf but can solve a lot ofproblems