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How does Sprite and Gatorade affect plant growth?


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It has no effect, it grows the same as a plant fed by water

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Sprite will help flowers in a vase stay alive for almost a month if you put equal parts water and sprite. I am not sure about gatorade but sprite worked very well.

Gatorade affects plant growth positivly but creates a sheer film over the leaves

Plants love Sprite! It tastes good and that added caffeine gives their growth spurt an added kick.

yes becoz it contains acid and acid affects the plants.

If you mean by pouring the engergy drink 'Propel' (made by the Gatorade company) into a plant's soil, it will definitely affect the plant's growth. To what extent, it hasn't been tested yet.

Their is belief that sprite helps plants grow tall, but it doesn't. Sodas that contain sugar really prevent plants from absorbing the water and nutrients they need.

Yes you can, but it can affect the plant growth, because imagine that you water the plant with Sprite, then the sugar in that will surely kill the plant. But then again water or rain is the best way to water a plant.

es, it does affect plant growth.

Gatorade will change the color and dish detergent promotes growth.

It increase plant growth.

It encourage stunded growth in plant

Yes anything with chemicals can effect plant growth one way or another and not always visible to the naked eye.

milk contains calcium and that is what which might affect plant growth

how the amount of fertilzer used will affect plant growth

Yes, Vitamin D does affect plant growth. This vitamin is essential to plant growth since it is obtained from sunlight and needed for healthy growth.

Yes, bleach does affect plant growth. I know this because I saw it in a show.

It affects plant growth by the sunlight.

Yes, it does affect the plant it doesn't grow and

what can effect your plant growth is the neutrinos. If you have a lot of neutrinos your plant can grow rapidly.

Photosynthesis adds to the body weight of the plant hence it promotes plant growth.

it spoils and sickens the plant

It does if you put it in the plant.

Coca Cola certainly does affect plant growth. If you pour Coca Cola on a plant it will probably die very quickly.

No they never affect the plants growth because the plant can absorb the tea but tea is not amazing for the plant.

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