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How does Tinkerbell met Peter Pan?


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2009-03-04 19:33:37
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According to the original story, Peter ran away from home as a baby when he heard his parents talking about him growing up. He ended up in the Park...I forget which one right now, where Tinker Bell found him and took him to Neverland. Hope I helped!


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Tinkerbell and Peter Pan are both characters in Peter Panby JM Barrie.Tinkerbell is a fairy, peter pan is a boy. They were best friends.

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Tinkerbell is a character that is in the musical, Peter Pan. The story of Peter Pan could not be told correctly if Tinkerbell was not a part of it.

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You can find Peter Pan and Tinkerbell in Neverland, because they live there.

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Tinkerbell doesn't talk in the movie peter pan.

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Tinkerbell like peter pan because he had been and Tinkerbell go through a lot of tough aventures before.

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