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How does WikiAnswers know everything about every question?


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Well, we don't know everything about every question, although we try!Wikianswers is not a magic 8 ball, WA doesn't actually answer the questions. People in the WA community answer the questions. Anyone who sees a question that they know the answer to can answer it. So I am sure there are a handful of question that people have submitted that cannot be answered. But the community does their best to answer all questions that they can!

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Not yet. WikiAnswers learns more every time we get a new user.

WikiAnswers does NOT know everything. People from all around the world answer questions on WikiAnswers. We can only answer questions that we know the answers too. If nobody could answer a question, then that question would stay un-answered. Because WikiAnswers is a combined effort of thousands of users. Everyone knows something about something! Put them all together and you are very likely to find a person who knows the answer to what you want to know, and they are willing to share it with you!

WikiAnswers is not a quiz site. We are a question and answer website.

No, WikiAnswers doesn't know everything. We are pretty close though.

It doesn't. Wikianswers is just millions of people all over the world adding what they know. You may ask a question and someone on the other side of the world may answer it.

It's not that WikiAnswers doesn't know what a duel is; it's that the contributors who came across your question didn't know. Since WikiAnswers is a joint effort of real people with real answers, and since people do not know everything, you have just had bad luck with contributors.

somebody will answer your question if they know the answer to your question.

Nobody knows everything, there is an old saying "You learn something new every day" and trust me it's true. Here is an example, you didn't know the answer to this question, that's why you asked WikiAnswers, but now you do!! Also, because kids that think they know everything seem get into more mischief and it's a way to keep them out of trouble.

wikianswers know most things but some questions we're not sure of the answer to them!! Good question

We don't know if we know everything but we will try to answer all the questions we can!

Visit the Help Center (see related link) for everything you need to know about WikiAnswers.

WikiAnswers does not know the answer to your question.

they think that they know everything!

Every time someone is genuinely helped by an answer given on WikiAnswers, we know that it is not a failure.

WikiAnswers does not ask your questions for you - you must ask the question. WikiAnswers does not know what your question is, so we wait for you to post it to the community, and it will be answered from there. There is a likely chance that the question you have is already on here, but it isn't always there.

WikiAnswers is a public facility for people to share what they know. WikiAnswers doesn't answer the questions, the people who use it do. And if you have asked a legitimate question, it will get answered eventually.

WikiAnswers includes a huge number of users around the world. Answers are provided by knowledgeable individuals.

WikiAnswers does not know who "her" might be, so we can't answer the question

What you do is get an account on wikianswers. By getting an account you can track the question and you will be notified if the question is answered or altered by receiving an email from wikianswers. You can then come back to the site to see your question. Join wikianswers today!

First of all nobody can know every thing in the world, your brain just can't possess that much knowledge. It's impossible because not everything in the world has been discovered because they're still discovering something all the time. Even computers don't know every single thing in the world and besides I don't think it's the computer answering the questions on wikianswers, I it's people. If you want a shorter answer type in 'why don't you know everything?' in the question/phrase box, that will give you a better answer!

WikiAnswers is Everyone. And surely Someone knows the answer to your question. We are people just writing down answers!

Users on WikiAnswers give the answers so it depends on if they know the answer or if they have seen the question yet.

== == Curiosity to know the answer makes it interesting.

This is not a question that can be answered on WikiAnswers. We do not know who you are talking about.

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