How does a 12-year-old start a dog walking company with some friends?

Begin by telling friends and family members that have dogs that you and some of your friends are going to start a dog walking company. Word of mouth travels faster than anything. Make sure that is okay with your parents first. Be sure to know how much you are going to charge, like per dog, or per hour with the dog. Good luck to you and God Bless:)


First you will need to find a responsible adult to oversee what goes on.

In some cities, would need to get a business license, shouldn't be any fee for one for a minor.

Since will be more then one walking, should open a bank account.

Will then need to make up some flyers, then take them and go door to door in the area that you want customers, leaving one at each house / apartment.

Just because you see no sign of a dog doesnt mean they don't have one, miss a house miss a possible job.

Now is where the adult comes in, the adult should check to make surer all the walking appoinments are being made and to help with collecting the money and depositiong in the bank.

You will need to buy the baggies and stuff for the clean up, there will be expenses so the walkers get paid after supplies are paid for. ( treats baggies that's just to start ),