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Do it in a very sarcastic way and make shure she laughs. then say, "No, really, I like you a lot and want to out with you. when she says yes say oh that's fantastic then laugh her and if you will walk with her and hands holding and if you know her better ask her if you wanna go to a date

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Will Nick Jonas date a 13yearold?

it`s possible

Would 13YearOld tell someone else if a boy ask her to go out?

friends yes...but if you are talking about a adult......most likely not....unless she feels really comfortable with this person.

Would princeton from mindless behavior go with an 13yearold girl?

Don't think so he turns 15 on April 21st, maybe rock royal his birthday is July 23

How to ask out a girl?

say they hot an cute and then kiss then ask

When is the best time to ask a girl out-?

Anytime is a great time to ask a girl out. You can ask a girl out in the morning, afternoon, or night.

How do you ask for a girl's number?

Well,all you have to do is get the girl to like and then ask the girl does she like him and if the girl says yes, then ask her for her #! and i should know cause i am a girl!

If There is this 13yearold who you think likes some one do you get her to like you?

Just be yourself, it worked for me. good luck

How do you get a girl out?

what i meant to say is how do you ask a girl out

What do You say to a girl when they ask you how you feel about them?

What do You say to a girl when they ask you how you feel about them?

Should boys ask you out or should a girl ask a boy out?

It depends. The girl likes the guy and he won't ask her out? The girl defiantly should ask the guy out. If the guy really likes the girl? The guy should go ahead and ask her out.

Is it weird for a girl to ask a guy to marry her?

It isn't to weird for a girl to ask but its a free country, so be crazy and ask that question girl.

How do you ask out a girl if her best friend likes you?

It depends, do you like the other girl who likes you? if so, ask HER out. If not, then just ask out the girl you like.

What to ask girl out on phone?

You can ask everything you want to ask to a girl on the phone why to think so much.

How do you ask a thai girl for her email?

You ask them like you would ask any other girl for their email.

Is a player when a boy ask out a girl and the girl says no and the boy gos and ask another girl?


How do you ask out a girl who has a baby?

the same way you ask out a girl that dont have one

How can ask out a girl?

Walk up to whoever you needed to ask out a girl and ask them - 'out a girl?((((dont listen to that)))) just get the courage to go up to your dream girl and aask her. otherwise get a friend to do it for you

Is it correct to ask a guy out?

its normal for a guy to ask a girl out but a guy can ask a girl out there's no wrong way

How do you ask a girl if she likes you or not-?

To see if a girl likes you or not, you can honestly ask her the question. You should ask her when you are comfortable to do so.

How can you ask her nicely if a girl lesbian?

Don't ask...... or just point to a random pretty girl and ask her what she thinks of that girl. you should be able to tell if she is lesbian by her answer

When can a girl ask to marry?

A girl can ask to get marry when shes 24 years old!!!

How guys ask a girl to be their girlfriend?

Ask the girl what she thinks of you. Depending on her answer, confess your attraction for her.

How do you ask a girl out alone?

i ask a girl how alone, come with me and enjoy yourtimeur r

How can you ask a girl if she likes you?

just ask them :)

How can you tell if a girl is bisexual?

You ask her.