Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)

How does a Club qualify for UEFA League?

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Did tottenham qualify for UEFA 2011?

They didn't qualify for the UEFA Champions League but they did qualify for the Europa League.

Does the winner of the uefa europa league qualify for the following seasons uefa champions league?

No. There is no such provision

How does a team qualify for the UEFA Champions League?

It is determined by the teams strength in the Champions League. The stronger the league, the more teams that can qualify from it. The winner of the UEFA cup from the previous year gets an automatic qualification.

How many English premier league teams qualify for uefa champions league?

The top four teams qualify for the U.E.F.A. champion league.

If you win the uefa cup do you qualify for champion legueas?

No. You qualify for the next season's Europa League, unless you qualify for the Champions League in another way (e.g. winning your domestic league).

Who were the runners up in the 1978 UEFA Champions League?

The runners up in the 1978 UEFA Champions League were the Club Brugge.

How many teams qualify from Premier League to UEFA Cup?

The top four teams from the top qualify for the U.E.F.A.

How do you qualify to the uefa Cup?

Those clubs who fail to qualify for the champion league by coming fifth play in the U.E.F.A cup. It is now called The Europa League.

How does a team qualify from the group stage of the UEFA champions league?

finish 2nd 1st in their gruop

Do teams get into Europe if they win the fa cup?

Yes they automatically qualify for UEFA Europa League.

Which team won the premier league in 1995?

The team that won the Premier League in 1995 was Manchester United. This made them qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

Who was the last English club to win the UEFA cup?

Liverpool were the last English club to win the UEFA Cup, they did so in 2001. It is now called the Europa League.

Which team won the 2012 UEFA Champions League?

Chelsea Football Club

How do you get the uefa europa league in pes 2010?

Finish 3rd or 4th in champions league group league so u don't qualify for the knock out stage

Why is Chelsea football club so popular?

because they are the only London club to win the UEFA Champions League.

What English soccer teams qualify to play in European cups?

uefa champions league: Chelsea Manchester City Manchester U. Arsenal uefa europa league tottenham newcastle liverpool(cup winner)

Which club has won the 2ed most UEFA Champions League titles?

AC Milan

Which club has won 4 cups in a season?

Liverpool. Uefa, League, FA and Super

Can club teams from same country meet in uefa champions league quarterfinals?


Who is in the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final?

Chelsea Football Club Bayern Munich

Which English club won the UEFA Champions League in May 2008?

Manchester United.

What cups have liverppol football club won?

Liverpool have won the Old 1st Division, Old 2nd Division, F.A. Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup, UEFA Champions League & UEFA Super Cup and Carling cup

Did Stoke City qualify for UEFA Cup?

Stoke City have played in the UEFA Cup twice ( 1972 - 73 & 1974 - 75 ). They also appeared in the recently revamped UEFA Cup, now known as the UEFA Europa League in the 2011 - 12 season.

Uefa and premire league which in greater in cup value in dollars?

It is U.E.F.A or Champion League, as here you are the best club in Europe, while Premier league you are the only club best in a country.

How do you qualify for the champions league?

The way for a club to qualify for the Champions League is by them finishing in a Champions League position in their European national league at the end of the domestic season before the given Champions League tournement. The number of Champions League positions in a national league is determined by that country's league's UEFA co-efficient ( e.g how well teams from that league have performed in the Champions League and UEFA Cup / Europa League in recent seasons ). Leagues with high UEFA co-efficients such as England, Spain and Italy will receive lots of Champions League positions ( 3 or 4 ), wheras lesser co-efficients that may belong to the likes of Scotland, Croatia and the Ukraine will only grant Leagues with a low number of Champions League positions ( 1 or 2 ). Once you have secured a Champions League position, you may be put straight into the group stages of the compettition or you will have to qualify for the group stages seperately. This all depends on the national league the club is in and the position the club finished in the previous season. If it turns out that the club in question must qualify for the group stages, they must play 1, 2, 3 or 4 qualifying rounds with other clubs in the same position as they are. Like the Group Stage and Roung of 16 draws, these are seeded but with the club's individual UEFA co-efficient called into question. The clubs with the highest individual UEFA co-efficients will be seeded and those with the lower co-efficients will not. The 10 winners of the Group Stage qualification rounds will progress to the Group Stages to join the 22 automatic qualifiers and thus, full qualifications is complete. The other, and simpler, way to qualify is by winning the previous season's Champions League tournement outright which will earn you automatic entry to the next season's Champions League Group Stage. If this happens and the winners of the tournement fail to get into the Champions League positions in their domestic league in the season when they would have tried to qualify for the Champions League competittion for the season after the season when they won the competittion, the club in the bottom Champions League position would not be entered for the competittion but instead, the club who won the tournement in the previous season would be entered. I hope this helps

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