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How does a F-22 raptor fly?

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An f-22 raptor fighter aircraft will probably fly at top speeds of mach 2.2 or less. Of course you going that fast in a f-22 will put an enormous amount of stress on both yourself and on the aircraft. An f-22 could go faster but any more speed would force too many G's on the pilot, cauisng him to white out, red out, or black out, depending on his manuvuers. -This answer is just an approximation-

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How fast does a f22 rapter go?

The Raptor can fly faster than 1,500 mph.

What is the best fighter jet the Russian SU37 or the American F22 Raptor?

I know it is the F22 raptor

How big is an F22 raptor?

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Does the f22 raptor have weapons?

of course it does!

Is the F22 Raptor playable in Command and Conquer Generals?

The F22 Raptor is a unit for the U.S.A. in Command and Conquer Generals and is constructable at the Airfield.

What is the average price of the F22 Raptor?

The F22 Raptor is a single seat, twin engine fifth generation supermaneuverable fighter aircraft that uses stealth technology. The average price of the F22 Raptor is around 150 million dollars.

Who designed the F22 raptor?

Lockheed Martin

Is The F22 raptor a Stealth plane?


How fast is a f22 raptor?

mach 2.25 at allitatude

How high does the F22 Raptor go?

70,000 ft

What plane escorts air force one?

f22 raptor

Best combat proven jet in world today?

F22 Raptor and SU30MKI

How does starscream transform on transformers the movie?

if u mean what does he transform into its F22 RAPTOR

What is the effects of vietname war?

The new F22 Raptor has guns on it...thanks to the Vietnam War.

How fast can the f 22 raptor go?

Maximum speed of the F22 Raptor is Mach 2.25 (1,500 mph, 2,410 km/h).

What are some of the key capabilities of an F22 Raptor?

The key capabilities of a F22 Raptor is that the goal was to have the pilot concentrate on the enemy rather than the aircraft. They used embedded sensors and sensor fusion which allows all the information the plane is gathering onto one display.

Worlds best fighter jet?

F22 Raptor stealth, flexibility, and strikepower Eurofighter is amazing too -

Why is there a Chinese flag on the f22 raptor f35 lightning?

actually, that's not the Chinese flag is the Turkish flag!

How much does F22 Raptor cost?

The last cost I heard was in excess of 420 million per aircraft.

How fast is the crusing speed of the f22 raptor?

Around Mach 1.8 (1.200 mph or 2.000 km/h)

Effects of the Vietnam war?

The 21st century's F22 Raptor is still armed with a 20mm cannon, thanks to the Vietnam War.

How many bombs can F22 Raptor carry?

The F-22 can carry up to 4 bombs and 2 120c AMRAAM

How fast f22 raptor goes?

The Air Force admits to 1,500 mph, -personally I think it may be faster than that.

What is the latest jet fighter of the world?

The latest jet fighter released is the F22 Raptor for the US military. The fighter was actually designed in the early 90's.Fighters being designed presently, will not be made public for 15-20 years.It is 2010, and from what I hear the F22 Raptor is going to be replace within the year.

What would happen if there wasnt a Vietnam war?

The F22 Raptor would only have smart weapons and no guns on it had not been for the Vietnam war.

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