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The simple is that HHO generators don't work!

The idea behind the HHO generator is that a small concentration of hydrogen gas (between 2% and 5%) can increase the speed of the flame front, the leading edge of the burning gases in the combustion chamber. In turn, this would allow an engine to be run in a lean condition, allowing a higher compression ratio, thereby increasing the efficiency (by around 10%).

HOWEVER, the compression ratio of your engine is fixed. Even if the HHO device could provide the 2% hydrogen, running your engine lean would simply be running your engine lean. Without changing the compression ratio, you cannot increase the efficiency of the engine (without nasty side effects).

Yes. Real experts have indeed tested these devices, and they have been widely debunked. The most prominent test was a Mythbusters episode in which they tested and debunked several fuel saver schemes. Popular Mechanics has performed their own test of what many scammers would called a "super" HHO system guaranteed to produce results, and found that it did pretty much nothing. Further more, many of the HHO scams use the freely available HHO devices as a leader to hook people on far more expensive gadgets that don't work. Even though there are some convincing videos on places like YouTube, and testimonials on websites, to date, no qualified expert has been able to show any HHO device actually improving fuel economy. There is even a million dollar challenge to demonstrate a working HHO device which improves fuel economy that has gone unclaimed for several years.

There are applications in development and availabe to the end user that requires very little end user knowledge to install and operate. With the use of a pulse width modulator you can gain a great deal more efficiency from a hydrogen generator. The truth is these do work but you have to think harder than the naysayers.

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Q: How does a HHO generator work on vehicles?
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Is the HHo Generator legal in California Will DMV pass smog test?

HHO generators are unregulated in all 50 states at this point.

are there any hho generator installers or product related stores within 100 miles of harleysville?

Sorry, I was unable to locate any installers in your area. The following page has some helpful information on HHO self-installation that may be helpful, though.

How many amps does an hho generator draw?

depends on the number of cans and the specific gravity of the electrolyte

should o2 sensor extenders and pulse width modulator be used together with hho generator.?


How to make a hho generator?

You need the following equipment: quart sized mason jar and a plastic mason jar lid, 2 six inch x1/2 inch stainless bolts&nuts, clear tubing and brass adapter(and wires). First, put 3 holes in the lid put the bolts in the holes opposite each other, these are your electrodes. Then place the brass adapter for the tubing in the last hole,seal with rubber cement. Fill the mason jar with distilled water and 1 tblspn baking soda,place the lid on the jar and tighten. Last attach the tubing to the brass fitting and hook the wires up to your electrodes and a 12 volt power supply. - EDIT- That is the most basic way to make a HHO generator. In theory it will not work very well and you won't yield very good results. The best way to make a HHO generator is to use either a spiraling stainless steel wire design and a stainless steel plate design. Making a HHO generator is quite simple but to get it to work well is a different story. Without a detailed instruction manual on how to do this you aren't going to yield great results from your generator. Did you know that having a HHO Generator fitted to your vehicle can increase fuel efficiency by up to 60% or more? Because you're increasing the octane rating of the fuel by adding the HHO into the engine, you actually burn less fuel because the fuel you do use is able to fully combust so less is wasted out of the exhaust. It's really clever stuff! Check out related links for more information on how to build an HHO generator and how to install on it your vehicle.

Looking for the best hho kit with the best prices, individual retail, bulk wholesale, accessories to work with hho?

You should check

How does a hybrid vehicles work?

They have a gas powered generator that charges a battery which drives an electric motor to move the car.

Will a Bunsen burner operate on HHO?

Yes it will. But you have to be producing enough hydroxy for it to work.

What is an hho generator?

HHO generators come in a variety of different designs, ranging from spoons inside mason jars or a big block of steel. However they all serve the same purpose, which is to intake a mixture of potassium hydroxide and use electricity to turn that mixture into hydrogen and oxygen. the hydrogen and oxygen are then used for many different applications.

How do you make hho burn without fuel like petrol or diesel?

What is hho

Will HHO generator increase the octane of fuel?

Yes and No. Hydrogen only has a octane rating of 50, but the properties of Hydrogen let one run higher compression on your engine which in turn will give more power.

Is it advisable to use hho dry cell in autimobiles?

No, it is not advisable to use the HHO dry cells in automobiles.

Water Hybrid Cars Increase Gas Mileage And Lower Carbon Emissions?

Water hybrid vehicles still rely on gasoline as fuel. Water hybrid vehicles need an HHO, a hybrid hydrogen oxygen system. The HHO is a fuel cell that breaks water down into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen gas is added to the gasoline to enhance combustion. When the hydrogen gas is ignited in the cylinders it converts back to water. Not only do water hybrid cars increase gas mileage, they clean out carbon from the exhaust gas.

Does the hydrogen generator work in cars?

a hydrogen generator will work but will not provide significant benefit

How much mileage did you get by using hho generator in two wheelers?

90 Kms Amazingly in bajaj pulsar 150 & 100+ km in hero splendor. Contact no: 7737190436

Diagram of diesel generator work?

diagram of diesel generator

Is hho illegal?

Heck no

How do hho gas genarators work?

Every chemical reaction needs start-up energy and an electrolyte to function. In this case, we are dealing with the electrolysis of water. The electrolyte is mixed in with the water before entering the hho generator. This means that the water molecules are among the electrolyte molecules, and for example, we'll say the electrolyte we're going to use is potassium hydroxide. The hydrogen generator works by separating the bonds of the molecules with a jolt of electricity. Some of the atoms in the H2O molecule bond with the split pieces of the potassium hydroxide molecule. This leaves the rest of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules to bond with themselves, creating H2 and O2. The H2 and the O2 are in their gas state as they exit the generator. The laminar airflow causes unintentional pickup of electrolyte water. This is filtered through the bubbler. Then the H2 and the O2 molecules exit the bubbler for use in different applications.

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How do you hook a generator to a semi for idle time?

To hook a generator to a semi for idle time, the steps will vary depending on the type of generator and the age of the semi. For example, some newer vehicles have a connection port located behind the main cab of the vehicle.

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