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How does a JC Higgins Model 66 break down?

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Not very easily. The barrel is not designed to be removed by the user. With the gun empty, work the bolt to cock the hammer. Drift out the two pins that retain the trigger guard assembly and that can be removed. No further action dis assembly is advised.

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What is the value of a jc Higgins model 66 12 ga?

Model 66 583-605

What year was the JC Higgins model 66 made?


Where can you find manuals for the JC Higgins lever action Model 45 and 12 gauge Model 66?

The JC Higgins Model 45 was made by Marlin and is basically the same gun as the Model 336. Manuals are availabe from Marlin Firearms. The JC Higgins Model 66 was made by High Standard and is out of production. I have a manual scanned, and can email it to you.

What is the approximate year of a JC Higgins Model 66 583.601?

probably introduced around 1957

Who made the model 583.600 for JC Higgins?

High Standard between 1955 and 1958, after that year they began selling the newer model 66.

Where can you get a stock for a JC Higgins model 66 12 ga Shotgun? has parts for all rifles/shotguns and more.

Where can I get a J C Higgins Model 66 12 ga automatic owners manual?

Can you buy a slug barrel for a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 66?

No. The Model 66 does not have user-interchangeable barrels. Your existing gun could be modified by shortening the barrel, adapting for choke tubes and installing rifle sights.

What is a j c Higgins model 66 auto shot gun worth?

An automatic shotgun from Sears Roebuck would top out at around $200.

Wasn't the model 66 also manufactured by JC Higgins as well?

YES JC Higgins was a store brand name used by Sears, they did not make firearms. Sears bought weapons from various manufacturers and gave them a "store brand" name.

J C Higgins model 60 who made this shotgun and what will inner change parts wise?

High Stadnard made the shotgun. Some parts are the same as the Higgins model 66. and a few parts are the same of the later High Stadnard Supermatic shotgun models See the parts lists at

Who made sears model 66?

High Standard, because High Standard was actually owned by Sears at the time, and JC Higgins was high executive at Sears that the series was named for. High Standard did not start putting out weapons in its own name until 1962. The model 66 was made until 1961. The 583.XXX beginning indicates made by High Standard. The last three numbers do not indicate year made, but which lot it came from, and the lot indicates year made. Mine reads one side - JC Higgins Model 66 Sears, Roebuck and Co. 583.608. and other side says Model 66 12 GA.

What is the value of a JC Higgins 12 gauge model 66 shotgun?

i also have one of these sitting in front of me. they are worth around 150-200 dollars. mine is from the circa-1947 era. The Model 60 first appeared in the Sears Catalogs in the Fall/Winter 1955 catalog and the Modle 66 which superceded the model 60 first appeared in the Fall /Winter 1958 catalog. The Model 66 should have an assembly date code on the barrel.

What year was Smith and Wesson Model 66-1 serial 69K5866 manufactured?

The Model 66 was introduced in 1972, the 66-1 was introduced in 1977, the 66-2 was introduced in 1982.

What is the frame size of a smith and Wesson model 66?

The frame size of a Smith and Wesson model 66 is K.

Can you remove the barrel from a sears and roebuck model 66 shotgun?

Yes, you can remove the barrel of a model 66 Shotgun!

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What is the manufacture date for Crosman model 66 serial?

Thew old model 66 was made between 1983 to 1988. after that the model 66Rt was made from 1993 -1994 the model 66BX was made up to 2005 and the new 66 powermaster is new for 2012

What is the difference between a Remington nylon model 11 model 12 and model 66?

The model 11 is a bolt action clip, the model 12 is a bolt action magazine tube, and the model 66 is a autoloader (also a magazine tube). The 11 and 12 were made from 62-65 the 66 was made from 59-89.

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Are the front fenders hood and bumper on a 66 Bonneville interchangeable with a 67 Bonneville?

No, the 66 model is different then the 67 model. I am not shure if the 65 model would fit - it is possible.

What is the age value of a JC Higgins Model 66 Shotgun?

The following link will give a general ides but I wouild need the assembly date code from the barrel to provide the month and year.

What year was your S and W model 66-1 serial?

The Smith and Wesson model 66-1 was made from 1977-1981.

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