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Stomach acid oviasly cantains acid so when acid and alkali are mixed neutralasation happens.

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Q: How does a alkali tablet react with stomach acid?
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How does an indigestion tablet works?

It goes into the stomach and turns the hydrochloric acid it to alkali

What is the pH in your stomach during taking an antacid tablet?

the pH in your stomach goes from about 1-3 to around 5-7 this is called neutralization which means the acid and alkali react to tun the acid into a neutral substance.

What 2 chemicals react together in antacid tablets?

Calcium Hydroxide (Alkali in the stomach) and Gastric Acid (in the stomach)

Is stomach acid a acid or alkali?

it is complete alkali

Is a stomach acid a acid or alkali?

it is complete alkali

Is stomach acid acid or alkali?

stomach acid is and acid

Is stomach powder an acid or alkali?


What happen when you take a antacid tablet?

it contains a base (alkali) and so helps to neutralise excess stomach acid.

How do the indigestion tablets can be used to settle your stomach?

In your stomach there is gastric acid. Sometimes your stomach produces too much of this acid and causes pains. This is called indigestion.You can stop indigestion by taking an antacid tablet. An antacid tablet is a tablet containing alkali. Most antacid tablets are weak based and have enough alkali in them to cancel out MOST of the acid. It doses this by reacting with the acid and producing salt and water. This is it written in basic formantacid tablet is an agent that counteracts or neutralizes acidity (especially in the stomach).Read more: What_is_an_antacid_tablet_and_how_does_it_work

What causes stomach acid?

diagram of acid and alkali in stomach

What causes acid stomach?

diagram of acid and alkali in stomach

Is a stomach indigestion a acid or alkali?

it is complete alkali

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