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How does a cell phone work?


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October 09, 2017 1:46AM

When you speak into your phone, the air vibrates, causing a tiny magnet in your phone to move up and down, sending an electric signal through wires in your phone to a radio transmitter. The signal is then bounced in between satellites, until it finally reaches the one your speaking to, vibrating their phone's speaker magnet, similarly to how your receiving magnet vibrated.

The radio was invented by Nikolai Tesla some time in the 1880s.

You should know who invented the phone :P When did he invent it?
When you make a call on your cell phone, it is wirelessly linked to the telephone network via radio towers so your call can be connected. Each of these towers covers a small area (this area is call a "cell"). These towers are connected with a central computer through which the call is forwarded to the telephone network. When we move from the range of one tower to another (from one cell to another) during a call, the central computer decides to transfer the call to the cell we're entering. This process may go as long as we are on the move without disconnecting the call.