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First Install the printer, then connect to the computer. Then after you do it you can ON the printer, put paper and make sure the INK is more. Then you can now use your PRINTER. That's just about it. It also depends on the printer because there is a lots of different. Thank you.


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The printer works by sending out words and pictures that are stored into the computer through paper and ink.

there is a multipurpose printer that works as input i.e. it is a scanner and as output i.e. it is a printer.

If you're talking about setting up a printer on the computer then the use for that is to connect the printer to your computer so you are able to print. The computer will send "test" pages to print on your printer so you will know whether it works or not.

A network printer is a USB printer connected to the network, and any computer connected to the same network can see and send data to the network printer. Using a single network printer means that each computer doesn't need to have their own printer.

The printer driver resides on the computer. It is the software that tells the computer how to talk to the printer.

A wireless printer works in the same way that a wired printer works with the exception of its connection method. A wireless printer is added to the wireless network and assigned an IP address. When a print job is ready, it is sent over the network to the printer and executed. The printer can be made available to any computer on the network.

a braille printer produces braille printouts of computer files. It works in conjunction software that translates text to braille.It converts a computer file into a BRAILLE DOCUMENT.

You need a printer that is a wifi printer or a printer you install on the computer. Once you do that you can send things to the printer.

Printer will not print from computer if: 1. The printer is not connected to computer 2. The printer Driver is not installed on the computer 3. The printer Driver is not compatible with the Operating System on your computer There are a whole lot of other possibilities please be specific with the problem scenario the printer is connected to the computer but when I go into my computer and go to add or remove it shows that it is locked out

Someone can attach a network printer to a standalone computer by using a USB connection. Using a cord to attach the printer to the computer, then installing the printer software, someone can then use the printer from the computer.

you have this cord that comes with your printer and you hook it up to your printer and computer and there it is done!

The simple answer is that a printer receives data from the computer and then prints the data on to paper. A printer, therefore, is a device that allows the data shown on the computer screen, or saved in a file on the hard-drive, to be retrieved in a form that can be handled, or filed away in a filing-cabinet, etc.

It is known as a local printer, as opposed to a network printer, which is a printer connected to a network.

Network printing works like normal printing as far as your document is concerned, but the computer does a little more work. Normally, the computer sends the document to a printer physically plugged in to it and it prints. In this case, the printer isn't plugged in, but is instead on the network, usually connected another computer. The computer printing would send the data over the network to the computer hosting the printer as if the printer were plugged in to the local machine.

using a usb cable which is a connection between the computer and the printer only or wirelessly which means everyone on the network can use the printer but only if computer and printer is wireless

A network printer is shared by more than one computer. A local printer is directly connected to one computer.

To check whether a printer is shared or not go to devices on the computer and note whether the printer is listed for that particular computer. Do this for each computer in question.

Is the printer buffer in the printer or in the computer?

printer is use to print in computer

The main advantage for using the print server is you dont have to connect your printer to a computer and share the printer on that computer (printer shared computer). To be more specific, it means you dont need printer shared computer anymore and can use that computer for other purposes.

just go to the printer driver right click on it, select the properties in that go sharing tab on the top side in that select share this printer & apply it after that go to the any computer on the same network in that go to the printer tab in that add printer option select the network printer option in that select browse the printer & select that printer it get install on your computer OR go to run tab on any same network computer just put \\IPAdd. of the computer on which printer is get installed then press ok after there is a tab where printer option is there just select that printer & right click on it and select Connect the printer is get install on your computer OR go to the my network places select the computer on which printer is installed open it select that printer & right click on it and select Connect the printer is get install on your computer

The first computer printer was invented back in 1953 for the UNIVAC computer.

yes you can use any printer on any computer !

yes you do need a wireless printer for a wireless computer

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