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I don't think this can be explained in a few words.

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Q: How does a computer work theoretically in few words?
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Your computer works fine for a few days then stops booting up?

You should probably give your computer a break for a little while, as in a few days, and if that doesn't work, try reassembling your computer. If that still doesn't work, you should probably contact your computer repair shop or retailer.

How do you get print out from computer?

Unplug the cord and wait a few seconds turn it back on and it WILL work trust me I am a computer wizard!

Are there words without synonyms?

yes. there are few like computer- it has a meaning but no synonym

What is the main disadvantage of relying on a computer spell checker?

may have too few words in the dictonary.

How the user makes choices in a graphical user interface?

These make it easier for people with few computer skills to work with and use computer software.

What are couple of computer software?

name a couple of computer software

Does windows computer viruses work on mac computers?

No. Mac computers are more secure, and have a very difficult code for the computer. There are only a few mac viruses.

What is the antonym for parties?

There are only a few words that mean the opposite of parties. These words include chores, tasks, duties and work.

What so I do when my computer doesn't start up and says windows boot manager?

The same happened to me. I had to unplug my computer a few times. After that my computer was fixed and was fine. If that doesn't work well I am sorry my friend.

How many people use a computer every day?

Only a few! Adults that work use a computer but some kids do and that is wrong. Kids should be playing video games not using the computer day.

Your computer stopped recharging and will only work when its plugged in. What should you do?

Remove the battery for a few mins. then put it back in.

What to do when you have done work on your computer and it freezes?

Once your computer has frozen, there is no way to recover your work. However some applications support auto-saving and so your work will be automaticly saved every few minutes. These applications include word,live mail,powerpoint,excel and more.

Why wont the java website load for you to install it?

It may not work for your computer, or you can may need to try again in a few minutes.

What type of literary work has a setting and simple plot and can range from as few as five hundred words to as many as 20000 words?

Shot story.

Which type of literary work has a setting and simple plot and can range from as few as five hundred words to as many as 20000 words?

Short Story

What type of literary work has a setting and a simple plot and can range from as few as five hundred words to as many as twenty thousand words?

This is a Short Story.

What is an ultrafast computer that focuses on performing a few sets of instructions as fast as possible?

A supercomputer is a very fast computer. A computer that uses few instructions and runs them quickly is considered a RISC computer.

Does BitTorrent continue downloading when the computer is on sleep mode?

Bittorrent will continue to work in the background.Most of these type program use few resources.

How important is backing up data?

Backing up data on your computer is crucial because if your computer or device breaks it probably means that your work or data on that computer will be lost and will have to be refreshed. Also as it was common a few years ago people hacking into computer systems or your personal area means that your work will be lost. So now I hope you understand that when backing up important data it will ensure that your work and personal systems will be safe!

How do you install a Keyboard?

When you plug in the keyboard to your computer it will automatically install. If it does not install right away give your computer a few minutes to work on it. If there was a disk included with your keyboard you may have to insert it to install your keyboard.

What to do when your computer is frozen?

When your computer is frozen, either let it go for a few minutes, and if it doesn't work, then just pull the plug or hold down the power button. TURN IT OFF

Are any work from home jobs reliable?

Yes there are many reliable jobs that you can take and work from home. For a good, common example computer coding workers work from home and only a few days a week.

How do I turn my computer off it's been running for a few weeks I don't know how to turn it off it's wasting your power?

If clicking shut down does not work then press and hold the power button until it shuts down. If that does not work unplug the computer.

Will iPhone battery still work if dropped in water?

Theoretically - yes... The battery is a 'sealed unit' - and should be waterproof. You can place the battery on some absorbent paper - on top of a radiator for a few hours so that any water can evaporate.

What makes a computer work fast?

There is no "specific" thing. But here are a few things you can do: 1. Upgrade your computer. 2. Defrag your computer. 3. Go to 'Programs and features' and uninstall unused programs.