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Cows live on a routine on an every day basis. Cows often have a good life, eating, sleeping, grazing, etc.

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When was Live at the Cow Palace created?

Live at the Cow Palace was created on 2007-01-19.

How old gets a cow?

cow live about 15 years.

How much is a live cow to buy?

That all depends on where you live, what type and size of that cow is, and the health of it as well.

What is the life span of cow?

A cow can live from 20 to 25 years.

Can you eat a live cow?


How do you dye a cow red?

You can't die a live cow in runescape red.

Where did Benjamin Rush live?

In a cow

Is a cow snake a live bearer?


How long does a beef cow live?

A beef cow can live for as long as 5 to 20 years, depending on how productive she is and how valuable she is to the herd.

Where does Simon cow live?

Cow Land And all the cows have shiny teeth. LOL

Can you milk a cow if you live in Massachusetts?

Yes, if it's your own family milk cow.

Where do cow sharks live?

Cow sharks live approximately than 90m (300ft) underwater. They have been known to live up to 1, 875m (6, 150ft)!

Why do bison live with cowbirds?

bison do not live with cow birds! The cow birds live with bison and lay their eggs in other birds nests like a cookoo bird. The adult cow bird eats parasites off the bison's back.

How long does a jersey cow live?

They can live from 5 to 20 years.

Do butterflies live in the soil?

No they live in cow pat, espiecially your mum's.

Where do a cow- fish live?

Cowfish live on tropical reefs.

Does a cow live in hutch?

No, cows live in cattle sheds, rabbits live in hutches.

Can you eat cow pies?

NO!! Cow pies are big flat pats of cow poo, and are NOT to be eaten by anything except those flies and beetles that live off of cow patties.

Where do cow live in the US?

I think in Texas

What is the name of place where cow live?

A farm

Was the Milka cow really purple?

Yes, she was lilac in color, but she wasn't a real live cow[1]

What is a 5 letter word for cow herding people?

The Masai are a cow-herding people who live in Africa.

Is there such thing as a tree cow?

No. Cows don't live in trees. They live on the ground.

What animals live in herds?


What are gauachos?

cow hand that raise live stock