Alligators and Crocodiles

How does a crocodile defend itself?

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How does a crocodile defend itself from its predators?

A Croc is a predator. c:

How does the crocodile camouflage?

By Hiding itself

How do black window spiders defend itself?

fhuck u it defend itself bi comouflaging

How does a flower defend itself?

A flower may have thorns such as a rose does enabling it to passively defend itself .

How does a porcupine defend itself?

They defend itself by hitting the enemy with their Tail or the enemy will be Poked by the quills

How does a pig defend itself?

it kill itself

How does the red panda defend itself?

they use their sharp claws to defend themselves. they use thier sharp claws of growls loudly to defend itself

How does a crocodile protect itself from danger?

It takes

How does an American crocodile protect itself?


How does the crocodile protect itself?

The crocodile protects itself using it's armored body, strong tail, it's strong claws and deadly jaws.

How does a sea star defend itself?

a sea star defend itself by hiding under rocks year around

How does a Trumpeter Swan defend itself?

It would use it's wing's to defend itself. When it uses it's large long wings to defend itself or it's partners it would hit it as hard as it could.

What animal represents dominant?

the most dominant animal is the saltwater crocodile, the saltwater crocodile is the most dominant because of it's death lock Which is when a crocodile grabs hold of its pray and spins around and around on it's stomach. It can sometimes look like a rock which causes things to jump onto it not realising it's a crocodile. The saltwater crocodile is the most dangerous crocodile because it's the most vicious and has been around for years to develop into a dangerous predator to defend for itself against the dinosaurs.

How does the crocodile protects itself?

it`s armored body protects itself from predetors

How did the pteranodon defend itself from other animals?

he defend his self by flying

How do boobook owls defend?

how dose a boobook owl defend itself

HOW does the elephant defend itself?

The elephant defends itself with its tusks.

How does a turtle defend itself?

it depends itself by using its shell

Does the crocodile live by itself or with its kind?

it depends if its agresive

How does a crocodile cool itself?

By swimming in the water. I think. :/

How do crocodile protect itself?

They eat the animal or the people.

How does a firefly defend itself?


How does a zebra defend itself?

by blending in

How does a coyote defend itself?

It bites.

How does a hookworm defend itself?


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