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How does a dog have intercourse?

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Intercourse in dogs is in the control of the female. She signals the male she is ready to accept him by posing and flicking her tail in a sideways manner. An experienced female (this doesn't always happen with first timers) will allow the male to mount her, then she will clamp and hold on to him for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. This is called a "knot" and you must not try and separate the dogs... it will injure both. When she is finished with him, she will release him. Both will be swollen, do much licking, and then they are fine (and she is most likely pregnant)

Male humping is not always a sign of intercourse, but of dominance, because if the female does not allow him access, he is only on her back.

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Can you have intercourse by a dog?

Yes you can.

Is it safe for an adult human female to have intercourse with a dog?

It is illegal to have intercourse with an animal.

Dog human intercourse natural?


Is it normal for a 6 month dog penis not to go down after he has had intercourse?

It depends on how long he had his intercourse, and how long he had the boner for after the intercourse.

Can you tell if a dog is gay?

Have sexual intercourse with the dog. If it howls at the climax, its gay.

Who is responsible for tie up during the intercourse of dog?

The male.

Is is possible for a female dog to get pregnant after the first intercourse?


Can a girls get knot by dog during intercourse?

It is 100% possible...

How are baby dogs made?

They are made when a male dog and a female dog engage in sexual intercourse, and the male dog impregnates the female.

Can you put sperm into a girl dog without intercourse?

yes you can. like with people you can eject a sperm into a femail dog.

Can you have intercourse with your dog if you like each other?

This is illegal and immoral. It is called beastiality.

Is it possible for a human to marry a female cat NOT with or including intercourse just like become its mate without intercourse?

Yes. When I was nine years old I married my dog. I had a beautiful wedding ceremony. I also had a wedding ring and so did my dog.

How do female dogs get pregnant?

Dogs, like other canines, are mammals. Mammals reproduce through sexual intercourse.Dogs get pregnant when they mate with another dogA dog must have sexual intercourse while she is in heat(bleeding from her vaginal area).

What if a male dog and a girl participate in intercourse?

That's called bestiality and is illegal in every country.

How do dog mate?

By having sex. All animals become pregnate through sexual intercourse,

How did Siddhartha suffer?

basicaly he suffered after he saw people get suffered and he had sexual intercourse with a dog lololo

Is it okay for English bulldogs to have intercourse?

It is ok if you are ok with having bull dog puppies around.

Can one suck off a dog?

What would happen if a son dog haves intercourse with his dog mother?

If the mother dog has puppies, they would be inbred. Which means that the puppies can suffer brain damages and in worst case mutations.

Is it possible for a man to have intercourse with a female dog?

Although it's not legal, yes it is physically possible as long as the dog is a larger breed (Husky or larger).

Pictures of female dog with herpes on her bottom?

if you dont watch your dog this could very well happen, dogs do have intercourse {sex} but it could be you or your dog could just be braking out severly i say take the dog to the vet

What do you do if your dog consumes 3 birth control pills?

Your dog will be okay, but make sure you use a back-up method for intercourse. It may help to give the dog some bread and lots of water.

Is their is any stuck happen after a dog and girls intercourse?

A female dog or bitch's cervix will contract after sex causing the male to become stuck This helps to ensure fertilisation

What are the main branches of government and there jobs that affect the economy?

Your mom, your dog and your cat. Your mom provides sexual intercourse.

Where is vodafone dog gone?

He's in my house. he's smoking a joint and having intercourse my maid right now .. you mirin ?