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Dragonfly nymphs breathe through complicated gills inside the end of their bodies.

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What dragonfly nymph breathe through?

It breathes through gills.

How do dragonfly nymph breathe?

The dragonfly nymphs actually come to the surface of the water in order to breathe. They have gills at the base of their rectum and breathe through their bottom.

Does dragonfly nymph breathe through gills?

Since,dragon fly nymph is in water once it has hatched from its egg it will breathe through gills.

What are the life stages of a dragonfly nymph?

1. dragonfly nymph 2. dragonfly emerges from nymph stage 3. adult dragonfly

Is a dragonfly nymph an invertebrate?

Yes , dragonfly nymph is an invertebrate .

Does the dragonfly nymph look like the adult dragonfly?

Dragonfly nymphs are aquatic and do not closely resemble the adults. See the link for a picture of a dragonfly nymph.

How long does it take a dragonfly nymph to split its skin and turn into a dragonfly?

A dragonfly nymph can take several weeks to several years depending on the species to reach adulthood. The dragonfly nymph will molt several times as it grows.

What is the life cycle of the dragonfly?

They begin as an egg, then a nymph and finally, an adult. 1.female dragonfly lays the egg into fresh water 2.egg hatches be dragonfly nymph 3.dragonfly nymph changes into dragonfly 1. Egg 2. Nymph 3. Adult This lifecyle is called an incomplete metamorphosis.

What is the young of a dragonfly?

A nymph.

Can a dragonfly nymph fly?


What is a dragonfly nymph?

the stage before it transforms into a dragonfly/damselfly

What is the larvae of a dragonfly called?

the dragonfly larvae is called a nymph.

What is a immature dragonfly called?

A baby, or immature dragonfly is called a nymph. They are considered to be a nymph for only a short time as they become an adult dragonfly very quickly.

Is a dragonfly nymph an omnivore?


What is the name of the larva of the dragonfly?

the answer is nymph

What is the name of a baby dragonfly?

---- nymph === ===

Where do dragonfly nymph live?

In water.

Does a dragonfly nymph have a tail?

yes it does

What kind of organisms does a dragonfly nymph eats?

A dragonfly nymph lives underwater, and will eat mosquito larvae, and other aquatic insects.

Is nymph another word for larva?

yes. a dragonfly larva is called a nymph

Does a dragonfly nymph live in water and land?

Dragonfly nymphs live in water.

How does dragonfly nymph eat?

they use their jaws.

What is th name of a baby dragonfly?


What is a baby dragonfly called?


Do dragonfly nymph jump in and out of water?


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