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It depends on the horse that u r touching. If u r touching a horse that has bin groomed properly, it would feel smooth and nice. If u were touching a horse that was not groomed properly, then it would feel like it came out of ur drain! lols

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What does a horse feel when his ears are flat?

what does a horse feel when it put its ears flat

What do you do if you do not feel safe on your horse?

First, you should stablish a relation by not being on your horse (scrub him, give him food,...) . When you and the horse have a good relation, if you mount him you'll feel safe.

What does a giraffe feel like?

The Feel Like A Horse With A Long neck

Why did the horse feel strange in the poem stopping by the woods on a snowing evening?

the horse feel strange to stop the poet because there was no grass to graze

How do you cool down your horse?

you walk your horse a couple laps and bend down and feel under the horses chest if u cnt reach have someone else do it but the horse should feel hot and sweety if the horse does keep walking him

What does horse excrement help?

It helps the horse feel a lot better.Yes it can be used on gardens

How did Thomas Jefferson travel?

By horse, or horse and buggy. he traveled by a Motorcycle :) ya feel me

You do not feel safe on your horse?

either have lessons to build confidence or sell it and get a calmer horse!

Do people feel tired after horse riding?

Yes, riding a horse can be quite exhausting.

What do giraffes feel like?

They Feel Soft And Cuddly Compared To A Horse.They Feel Cuddly Similar To Horses

Can a horse feel your pain?

I seriously doubt it.

What is a rhyming word pair for skinny and horse?

bony pony i feel sorry for the horse lol

How do you make your blind horse feel safe when im riding her?

Well, if your horse and you are very close. It Should feel safe with you any were you take it. I have a blind horse, we were very close and everywhere i took her if it was in bushland or just in the paddock she didn't hesitate or feel scared. Hope this helps.

What is Ralph Lauren's slogan?

Feel the wind on the horse

Can you stroke your horse during riding?

Yes you can. In fact, it can be calming and reassuring to the horse to feel a riders touch and voice.

How do you euthanize a horse?

A vet administers a shot which acts in seconds, the horse doesn't feel anything except the prick.

What is the first instinked a horse will do if they feel afraid?

Scatter in groups.

What does a giraffes fur feel like?

rough and like a horse

How would a giraffe feel if you touched them?

very similar to a horse

What do horses feel like?

Horse are Soft and really cuddly

Does a horse need to have a saddle pad when riding?

Yes, a horse does need a saddle pad to protect it's back and make the saddle feel snug on the horse.

How do you feel the lead on your horse?

Feeling the lead on your horse actually means Knowing on which front foot (left or right) that the horse is setting down first or leading with. You can make a figure 8 at a canter and actually feel the horse change its lead. Advanced riders and horses can change leads on command and not have to do a turn to do it.

Riding your new horse?

Well when you first ride your new horse you want to just get a feel for how the horse reins and how he or she reacts to your leg and hand signals. Your horse may have been trained differently then you, and you should just get the feel of him or her the first time you ride. Hopefully you have not bought the horse yet and you are just trying him or her out at the breeders, but if you have bought him of or her already, that is OK too.

Can horse can get spooked if separated from its herd?

They can get spooked at anything, but being separated from their herd can make the horse feel vulnerable or lonely.

What are you supposed to feel if a miniature horse is pregant.titis?

You are suppose to go threw the pearsonal area of a horse with your hand,or have a test done.