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There are many reasons why a man might choose to crossdress! Of course there's the standard DSM definition of a crossdresser as being someone with a 'mild' personality disorder...often prompted (so they say) by a slightly deprived sensual and tactile relationship with the mother especially. Though there is often a psychological reason why a man would want to dress in a woman's clothes (isn't there a psychological reason why someone might prefer red over green), there seem to be a very large number of crossdressers (often calling themselves 'CD' or TV -'transvestite'), who simply dress for the pure sensual pleasure of it. In the case of a bisexual male, crossdressing mjay be an aspect of the man wishing to literally adopt the feminine role in a bisexual relationship. Others crossdress as a form of play, and often do so with the encouragment and consent of their wives/partners. However, a great majority of crossdressers practice in what is called 'the closet' which is often a reflection of the refusal of a female partner to accept what she might perceive as non-masculine behaviour and is threatened by any hint of an activity of that kind in her male partner. There are many excellent organisations that offer advice and help to any crossdressers out there. Try for example, where you can chat with crossdressers (and sometimes their wives!), about the 'scene'. In an age of sexual and sensual 'liberty' and experimentation, I urge all crossdressers NOT to feel ashamed of their desires. One of the greatest religious mystics (and a Saint)..Augustine wrote, 'provided that you have love in your heart, you may do what you will'....

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How do you start crossdressing?

Breath in, breath out. Repeat.

How do you start crossdressing if nobody else knows?

Crossdressing has nothing to do with others knowing or not, it's about choosing to wear (or not wear) a specific set of clothing.

How common is crossdressing?

For me crossdressing as a girl is common, aqnd i llove doing it.

Is crossdressing wrong?


What are the causes of crossdressing?

There are no answers right now - no one studying crossdressing as a function of biology or environment.

When is there crossdressing in Pokemon?

The only recurring instance of crossdressing in Pokemon is the occurrence of female Mr. Mime in the game.

Why would one want to know about crossdressing fiction?

Someone would want to know about crossdressing fiction maybe because they don't know about it or they are interested in it. Crossdressing fiction is dressing as the opposite sex.

Is crossdressing illegal in China?


Is crossdressing healthy?

Being paranoid about what everyone thinks about something that has no impact on their lives is unhealthy, so, yes crossdressing is healthy.

Can crossdressing be cured?

Only by choice

Why crossdressing is harmful?

There is nothing inherently harmful about crossdressing. The most harm to be found in crossdressing derives from other people's reactions about the crossdresser. For instance, while a crossdresser may be perfectly fine with crossdressing, they may still have feelings of anxiety, hatred, etc. because they know that other people would not approve of their crossdressing. Also, when crossdressing publicly, crossdressers may run the risk of being assaulted or otherwise harmed by onlookers who are not comfortable with seeing a crossdresser. As an aside - when females crossdress and bind their chest, over time, there can be some health concerns with breathing and ribcage constriction.

Do girls and women practice crossdressing?

Some of them do.

Is crossdressing grounds for divorce?

It can be if a spouse finds it offensive.

Knowing the difference woman and transvestite?

Transvestites are men or women who dress up to appear to be the opposite sex; there is purpose in transvestism (crossdressing) that requires intent. A man who wears women's jeans because they fit better and would buy men's jeans if they found some that fit is NOT crossdressing. A man who buys women's underwear when almost the same underwear but with a label "for men" is available especially cheaper, is crossdressing; it is the intent of "for women" to wear the other sexes clothes. Women can be transvestites. A woman can crossdress but we usually don't see it because women now have so many choices in masculine and femiinine clothing: a woman may wear a business suit and tie just to compete with the boys, or she may wear it because it is 'man's clothing' - the second is crossdressing.

How can you tell when your mom is ok with you crossdressing as a girl?

She doesn't punish you for it.

Teen start crossdressing?

Sometimes kids need to crossdress to learn about the other sex. Sometimes it's 'exciting' and other times it is a social need for that child. If you are a teen who just started crossdressing or a parent of a teen, check for online support groups and even local support groups to get the information from the horse's mouth and not from some other source.

Is anybody interdted in exchanging crossdressing dares regulary by email?


What is your crossdressing fantasies?

my personal favourite fantasy when crossdressing is flirting with other women. Also, doing seemingly impossible or ridiculous things like ripping or bursting our clothes together just really turns me on!!

How do you crossdress your bother?

Forced Crossdressing is related more to BDSM than crossdressing and transgenderism: it's part of fantasy and losing control. True transgenderism is based in gender (emotional issues) and not in objects. It's about being something all the time; not just when you are turned on. Forced crossdressing is not bad; it's just not to be confused with transgenderism they are miles and miles apart.

Is there a crossdress show?

There is a show run by a crossdressing person - the Brini Maxwell show.

Have you ever dressed as a girl if you are a boy?

That would be called crossdressing and many homosexuals do it.

What is a good crossdressing dare?

Go into a bridal shop and try on a wedding dress!

What is the best thoung for crossdressing?

It's spelled "thong" and it's your personal choice.

Is crossdressing a bad thing or a good thing ladies?

That depends on the individual lady.

Is crossdressing genetic?

No. But a parents behavior/opinion drastically affects the opinion of the child