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A mother wolf cares for its young by providing milk and weans them.As the cubs grow she provides food till they are able to hunt.

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Does a mother wolf care for her young?

Yes a Mother Wolf cares for their young ones they take care of them until they can hunt and survive on their own

How do wolf spiders parent their young?

Spiders don't take care of their young, the spiderlings leave as soon as they hatch.

Does the wolf care for its young?


How long does a gray wolf take care of its young?

The male doesn't . In fact, he may kill a pup.

Do wolf spiders carry live babies?

Yes, mother wolf spiders carry their young.

Who raises the young of a gray wolf?

The mother and the entire pack.

How does a wolf care for its young?

Wolves care for the babies by scruffing their babies and carrying them around by their scruff

Do male or females take care of wolf offspring?

Both the male and the female wolf takes care of the pups. Wolves are monogamous, which means the males and females stay in mated pair for long periods of times, in the wolf's case for life (until on or the other dies), and both animals take care of the young. While the female nurses and looks after the pups, the father and the rest of the pack hunt and bring food to both the mother and the pups when they get older.

How dogs take care of ther dogs?

they take care of each other like wolf packs take care of each other

Where does the mother wolf give birth to their young?

in a cave or den that they dug themself

What are whelps?

A 'Whelp' is the term for a young dog or wolf. 'To Whelp' - 'To give birth to..' When a puppy/cub is part of a litter still under the care of the dam(mother) it is one of the whelp.

How does a gray wolf care for its young?

a gray wolf cares for its young by feeding whatever it hunts or makes sure it is safe hidden a small-like cave they live in.

How long does the mother wolf stay with the young?

until its old enough to go out of its den

How do mother spider Cary its baby?

It depends on the type really, a Mother wolf spider will Carry its young on here back whereas some species leave their young.

Does a mother spider leave her baby spiders?

Depends entirely on the species. The mother wolf spider will carry the young on her back until they are ready to disperse - the children are very hungry and cannibalistic when they are born so she must take care to let them off at different locations. Others may feed on some of their young as they hatch, but for the most part, spidelings will hatch and spread out in different directions.

How does the gray wolf care for its young?

the adults are the strongest in the pack and the have really sharp teeths and claws

How do the wolf parents take care of their young?

If your talking about wolves than its very simple. Both parents take care of the cubs/pups. The mother stays in the den while the father goes in surtch for smaller prey like rabbits,beaver,squirrel,mouse,ect. He would do this every day and bring half back for the mother and cubs/pups. When the young are old enough to make their own body heat and can walk,it's the mothers turn to stretch her legs and hunt. While the mother is old hunting the father hangs back and guards the den. And if they are in a pack than the whole pack takes part in raising the young!

What is young wolf?

A young Wolf is normally known as a cub.

What is a young wolf called?

A young wolf is called a pup or a whelp.the name of a young wolf is called an pup

How different animals care for their babies?

Different animals care for their babies in different ways. For example, the cat is a very caring and loving mother who will act protective over her young, like most animals do around their babies if they are threatened or in danger. The mother, if she is alone, will have to bring up her young herself, but if she is not alone and has other animals of her type with her, they will bring up the young together. It is like a wolf pack. They rear the cubs together as a group, whereas the cheetah is left alone to care for her babies. I hope this answered your question:]

How does a gray wolf take care of its pups?

it feeds it and will kill anything that threatens it

What does a maned wolf do to protect its young?

What does a maned wolf do to protect its young?

How does the gray wolf raise there young?

A baby gray wolf is called a pup. a mother gray wolf will give it it's milk ( sulliva ) A father will protect it by hunting the creature who's harming the pup

What is the name of the mother wolf?

The mother wolf who raised Mowgli was named Raksha

Do baby wolf eat deer?

Only if their mother provides it for them- they would too young to prey upon it for themselves.