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Q: How does a musician play an electric guitar?
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Who play the guitar and drums?

Musician, I guess :)

Can you play Taylor swift on an electric guitar?

Why not? She has electric guitar in her music.

Who invented les paul electric guitar?

Les Paul the musician.

What instrument did Edwyn Collins play?

Edwyn Collins played the instrument known as the electric guitar. He was a Scottish musician, playing mostly pop with his electric guitar, and formed the musical group titled "Nu-Sonics".

Where can you purchase an amp for an electric guitar?

There are a number of retailers where one can purchase and amplifier for an electric guitar including Musician's Friend, Sam Ash, Guitar Center and Sweetwater.

Do you play notes on electric guitar the same as on acoustic?

Yep, I play electric guitar for my school. I often practice at home on my acoustic and play at school on an electric.

Did Elvis play the electric guitar?


Can you learn how to play a guitar with an electric guitar?

yes you sure can

Can Sebastian Vettel play the guitar?

He can play basic chords, but is not a skilled musician.

Does Cole Sprouse play a guitar?

yes he does, electric guitar and acoustic guitar

What styles of music does the electric guitar play?

Electric Music

Where can one purchase a Dean electric guitar?

A Dean electric guitar can be purchased from the Music Room, DJM Music and Musician's Friend websites. It can also be found in good guitar shops like Rainbow Music and Guitar Guitar.

Can you practice to play guitar by a electronicallly guitar?

If your question is, can you practice guitar on the electric guitar the answer is YES.

What kind of guitar does Niall play?

Normal guitar, non electric.

What is the game called that you plug in your electric guitar into and play?

guitar hero?

How do you Play an Electric Guitar?

Go to a class

Did Albert Einstein play electric guitar?


What people play an electric guitar?


How do you question a musician at an interview?

you play the questions to him on the guitar instead of saying them

Can you start out with an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar?

You can start with either. Many people start with an acoustic guitar, then get an electric; others find an electric guitar easier to play at first, then get an acoustic. If you want to play exclusively rock, an electric guitar will suit you at first. Other kinds of music may call for acoustic guitar.

What is a musician that plays the electric guitar?

billy joe from greenday the band he is the main singer/guitarist

How do you play electric guitar?

go to and type in how to play guitar or type in how to play,,, then type your favorite song in!=-)

What instrument did jimmy page play?

He play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, bass,

Does Justin bieber play electric guitar or acoustic guitar in most of his songs?

acoustic guitar. I don't think he ever played and electric guitar in his songs.

What is the difference between an electric guitar and a air guitar?

The difference between an electric guitar and an air guitar is a electric guitar is an actual guitar and an air guitar is imaginary. An air guitar is when people pretend to play a guitar with hand movements. An electric guitar converts vibrations of its steelcorded strings into electric current. These currents then go to a amplifier to make them louder.