How does a platypus affect its environment?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: How does a platypus affect its environment?
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How does the platypus help the environment?

what does the platypus do to help the enviroment

How does a platypus affect the ecosystem?

well it doesn't even affect the ecosystem because they help us with some other problem and the really help us on our environment!

What is the possessive form of platypus?

Like so: "The platypus's natural environment is a pleasant one".

What is a platypus's winter environment?

A platypus's winter environment is the same as its summer environment. It digs a burrow in the banks of a freshwater creek or river, and dives in the water to hunt for food. Such waterways may be found in bushland or rainforest.

How do fault's affect the environment?

How do faults affect the environment

What are some factors that affect growth for a platypus?

Humid and Hot enviorment

What is man's impact on the platypus's environment?

Humans affect platypuses through habitat loss and pollution of waterways. Using nets to catch fish has caused innumerable platypus deaths in the past, but this practice is now illegal. Human activities sometimes lead to flooding of the waterways, and this affects the platypus as it is an air-breathing mammal. The young have been known to be flushed out of their burrows and drowned in floods.

What happens if a predator eats a platypus?

The platypus dies and the predator has a meal. The fact that male platypuses have a venom gland does not affect the animal that eats them.

Why is Australia the ideal environment for platypuses?

Australia is ideal for the platypus because there are few natural predators. Apart from pythons, most predators of the platypus are introduced species.

Can a platypus be shipped?

Absolutely not. To begin with, it is illegal, as the platypus is protected by law. Secondly, the animal would quickly die. Platypuses are very sensitive to changes in their environment.

How does meteorology affect the environment?

Meteorology does not affect the environment in any way

How do texties affect the environment?

they affect the environment by cutting down trees