How does a port scanner work?

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The port scanner is a software application which is designed to scan a server for open ports. This product is usually most often used by administrators who wish to verify security policies of their networks by running scans on them.
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How do scanners work?

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You read the instructions or maybe even common sense... but still read the instructions beforehand because it is the right way. =)

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I believe there is an EEC TEST connection in the engine compartment ( OBD I / EEC IV ). near the battery or power distribution box

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What does a port scanner tell an attacker?

Now if you mean how does it catch a attacker: If a large amount of packets are being sent through ports that are above normal, or above the standards sent, it would assume i
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What does utilizing a port scanner tell an attacker?

A port scanner such as AngryIP or ipscan will allow a hacker (orthe owner of a system or network) to investigate a computer system(or multiple systems or a network) and determ