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A president is elected by getting 270 or more electoral votes from the electoral college. To get electoral votes the candidate must win the majoraty of the public in a certain state. The number of votes they get depends upon how many people are in the state, like Virginia has 13 and California gets 55.


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Ronald Reagan was the oldest person to win a U.S. presidential election. He was 73 when he won re-election in 1984.

People vote for a candidate. Each state has a given number of electoral votes. Win the state, get the votes from that state. Get more votes than your opponent, and you have been elected.

The candidate who receives the most electoral college votes will win.

The Whigs won the presidential election of 1840 by running a candidate that appealed to the common man. Their Candidate was a war veteran and popular leader in William Harrison.

James K. Polk in 1844.Polk is known as the dark horse presidential candidate.

does not necessarily win the Presidency the answer is true

to win the presidential election a candidate needs 270

The presidential candidate chooses his running mate (vice presidential candidate), though it is a certainty that he gets advice from his advisers.

If no candidate win a majority of votes in the electoral college, the House of Representatives chooses the next president.

The Democrats use primaries to choose their presidential candidate. They pick the candidate who has the best chance to win. The popular vote in Democratic primaries is altered by the appointment of "Super-Delegates". This has been a controversial part of their primary process.

Al Smith was the first Catholic candidate for a regular political party who did not win the election.

Victoria Woodhull, was the first presidential candidate in 1872

A Political party's choose the vice presidential candidate.

{APEX}the Presidential candidate -Sir DeSent-

The candidate for vice-president is nominated at the same national convention that nominates the presidential candidate.

John C. Frémont (R-CA) was the first Republican U.S. presidential candidate, but he lost to James Buchanan (D-PA). The first Republican to win a U.S. presidential election was Abraham Lincoln (R-IL) in 1860.

He is the youngest person to win a U.S. presidential election.He is the only Roman Catholic to win a U.S. presidential election.He is the first U.S. presidential candidate to win a majority of the electoral votes without winning a majority of the states.He is the second U.S. presidential candidate after 1800 to beat an incumbent U.S. Vise President (Abraham Lincoln was first).He is the second U.S. President to begin his presidency on the 20th of January (Dwight D. Eisenhower was first).

A presidential candidate currently needs 270 electoral votes to win the election and become President of the United States of America.

A presidential candidate formally selects his party at the part caucus.

Any American can make campaign contributions to a presidential candidate.

Each Presidential candidate chooses his/her own running mate.

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