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i don't know who do you think i am Einstein ?

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How does using a ramp make lifting a heavy object easier?

You get mechanical advantage by the slope of the ramp. You move the object horizontally and raise the object slowly as you do so.

How does a ramp make lifting an object easier?

Horizontal force can be used to overcome the weight of the object.

Using a wheelbarrow can make it easier to lift a heavy object by?

Yes it does make it easier by using a fulcrum Yes it does make it easier by using a fulcrum

How does a ramp make it easier to move a heavy object?

What a ramp does is trade distance for height. So it's not easier to move an object so much as it's easier to lift an object with a ramp.

How does a lever help make work easier?

a lever makes work easier in the sense that it help carry a heavy load from the ground in a process called lifting!

Will a ramp decrease the size of the output force needed to lift A BOX?

To make the job easier for you and can help you with the heavy lifting.

How can pulleys make life easier?

The pulley makes work of lifting easier then lifting by hand.

What role does friction play when moving a heavy object?

It can make moving heavy objects easier for example sliding friction you can slide it or rolling friction you can roll the object across some kind of round cylinders or even fluid friction with water running under the object can make it easier.

Why do you have pulleys on the wells?

Pulleys exist on wells to make it easier to remove the bucket. Once the bucket has gone down to the water, it is heavy and hard to lift straight up. So the pulley allows the person to pull down and/or at an angle to make the lifting easier. A block and tackle (a network of pulleys) could be used here to make the lifting even easier.

How does machines make work easier?

It's like, you can walk up the stairs, or you can use a machine to help you (an elevator or lift).Machines make work easier by lifting heavy things and doing accurate calculations.

Can lifting heavy objects make your head hurt?


How does a fixed pulley make work easier?

A fixed pulley does not make the force applied easier, it changes the direction of this force. For example, instead of bending over and lifting and object, a fixed pulley lets you lift it by pulling down on a rope.

Why are pulleys used?

in a elevatorA pulley is used to make lifting things easier.

What is important about a pulley?

Pulleys make lifting things easier. example: If you want to lift 100kg you don't want to lift it with your hands, so you use a pulley. The best choice would be to use a pulley with 4 wheels. Using this would make the effort to lift the 100kg about 75% easier. So lifting the 100 kg with a pulley would make the object be about 25 kg. That is why pulleys are important.

Why does the shaduf have a weight on the end?

to counterbalance the weight of the water bucket and make for easier lifting

Would a steep incline or a long gradual incline make the job of pushing a heavy object easier?

dude, think before you ask a question. if you had to push a 500 pound wheel up a steep hill would it be easy? of course not. so no, a steep incline or a long gradual incline would not make the job of pushing a heavy object easier. sometimes i am amazed at peoples stupidity.

Why did Archimedes invent the compound pulley?

Archimedes invent the compound pulley around 250 BC. The invention was to utilize leverage to make moving a heavy object easier.

How do simple machines do work?

Simple machines do not do work they make work easier. An inclined plane makes gaining altitude easier. A lever makes lifting easier.

Should I engage in heavy lifting while recovering from a vitrectomy?

No, as with any surgical procedure there is a recovery time frame where you should not engage in heavy lifting. Make sure you use the face down equipment as directed by the ophthalmologist.

How can a inclined plane make work easier?

An inclined plane can help make work easier because it makes less effort then simply lifting it up. <(^^)> <(^^<) <(^^)> (>^^)> <(^^)> THAT IS THE WRONG ANSWER THE REAL ANSWER ->

Does increasing friction make it easier to move an object?


Is the definition of lever to make it easier for people to lift heavy objects or open things?

Both, and neither. Both, because levers successfully assist people in lifting heavy objects (which requires force) and opening things (which requires force). Neither, because the definition of a lever has nothing to do with how the theory is used.

How does a simple pulley make it easier to lift an object?

it is by changing the direction of the input force on the object on studyisland

How do screws make work easier?

hold object together steadly

How do you make an object suspend in water?

By simply holding the object down or, if it is a sponge like material fill it with a heavy liquid. Also you could place a heavy object on it or inside it so it would sinnkk :)

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